Super Art of choice

What’s Q’s best Super Art, I usually switch back-n-forth between S.A. I Critical Combo Attack and S.A. II Deadly Double Combination.

S.A. I - Critical Combo Attack - medium sized gauge a big large but two levels. Best when used close so it’s not easy to see comin’. Good in corners and posses an over-head in it

S.A. II - Deadly Double Combination - Large gauge. Works best in close-range fighting to set-up a juggle, espcially in corners. Best to hide it behind a Dashing Head Attack (MP) or Standing close MK. Does massive damage & stun.

S.A. III - Total Destruction - Large gauge. Does massive damage & stun. You can combo it after a Deadly & Capture Blow and that’s it…I think. Needs a more than average set-up. Can be blocked, leaving Q open. Punch version has more range and less damage while Kick version does more damage but lacks range. Great for a stylin’ finish!

This is just the basics but what do u use which one is recomended

no overhead in it.

I personally prefer SAI.


  • You get 2 bars.
  • EX use.
  • Invincible start-up.
  • His most versatile super.

BTW, like King of Naboo stated, SAI has no over-head attack. It does, however, have one low attack, so by the 4th hit of the super you must block low.

It goes:

High > High > High > Low > High.

Also with SAIII you can do the following combos:

(In Corner) Roundhouse C&DB > Jab Rush Punch xx SAIII > QCF + Punch.

(Activate SAIII) Close S. Forward xx QCF + Punch.

Doesn’t make SAIII any better (it’s still garbage), just thought I’d let you know you can do more then just C&DB > QCF Punch after SAIII is activated. :wink:

SA2 is hot

SA2, does a jizz load of damage & stun and connects good with parried jump in’s, not enough EX though and takes a fuck load of time to build up.

SAIII-not a garbage if you really know how to use it,4-hit combo:

(In Corner)command>jab Rush overhead punch(hold the lp button)>Jab Rush punch(lp)>SAIII>QCF+punch.

Everybody knows that combo. It makes it so that Total Destruction isn’t the absolute worst super in the game (since at least you can get guaranteed damage in a combo), but it’s still a sucky super. It doesn’t have the versatility or comboability of Q’s other two supers, and in its one combo the damage scaling is just vicious. And there’s virtually no chance you’ll land the qcf + kick version, where Q does the most damage.

I usually go with SAI, for the reasons SilverGear mentioned. Also not only does it have 2 bars, but it’s Q’s shortest super bar, so it fills up the most quickly. I use SAII sometimes, but only against opponents I know like to jump so I can parry a jump in and make them eat the deadly double. That doesn’t happen a whole lot though, especially with people who know how I play, so I generally stick to SAI.

SAII-Good super.