Super Art III

Talk about it!

it sucks!

seriously, it does

Tell my why it sucks then?

Admittedly, I’m not Q master or even that good at 3s… But I like this super. (I hope i’m talking about the right one, lol!) If anything just to see my opponent explode. :slight_smile:

How does it work exactly?

One part is a grab. Which only connects if they’re not in blockstun/histun, and grounded right? Can you be hit out of the startup?

The other part is the attack. Which can be blocked. This works as long as they’re not blocking right? Anti-air as well? What I really want to know is if you can get hit out of the startup. A lot of times I’ll do it when my opponent attacks (fearing the grab), and we’ll trade. But they still explode! :slight_smile:

If anything there’s basic mixup up close. How do good players stop this super from being any bit effective? Stay out of range until it’s over, or is there something I’m missing that can stop the mixup when up close?

No it don’t but I will tell you this: if you activate it(Q’s super art III) right after Chun Li does her super art II you will start getting hit by her super but can block right in the middle of it! It’s weird. Also Q must red parry the last hit of Chun Li’s super art II instead of having the option of blue parry. It will do no damage to Remy’s super art III but Q will take minimum damage and can get free hits/throws on Remy. It will do normal damage on Dudley’s cross counter but will leave Dudley at advantage since he’ll be standing up and you cannot tech roll. It will do INSANE damage if you hit Dudley while doing an EX cross counter though. If Q kills his opponent with this super instead of falling on the ground he’ll flip out in the air and land on his feet. Cool ain’t it?!?

This super has it’s uses though b/c when people run from you or try to fight back it can allow you to get damage from normal and special attacks while still giving you ample time to still use it. Either that or you can get in taunts while they run but you still have to play pretty smart to use this super though. After the super is activated standing short kick from close into either qcf+P or qcf+K is practically a switch up b/c the only way to avoid the qcf+K is to do a super, jump, or do a move which puts you into the air fast enough and/or has invincible frames. Qcf+P does the most block damage of any single hit in the game. NOTICE I didn’t say single move I said single “hit”. It does leave Q open for a long time though when blocked. It also has a great deal of invincible frames on activation which can be used against certain moves as a counter. Beware though b/c Q can’t block a little while after activation though which leaves him open. But if you super cancel it off a rush punch you should be atleast at even frame advantage with your opponent if not better. Off of a back+roundhouse kick it will leave Q at slight frame disadvantage but Q can still block really fast supers like Ken’s super art III. Another advantage of timed supers like this is that you don’t have to sit on a full level unless you want to. Just about any time you get a level charged you can go ahead and use it. A downfall of this super for Q is the fact that against certain characters/supers you cannot get a free taunt after hitting it whereas with super art I it’s a guaranteed taunt and with super art II you can opt to get 2 taunts instead of the extra damage or the extra damage and a taunt. Most of the time you’ll be able to get a free taunt after hitting it though especially if your opponent is slow to react or simply doesn’t expect it.

I know people crap on this super and I think his best “all around” super is super art I but I play with all 3 b/c each has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Plus it’s fun to play with variety and can throw opponent’s off if they’re not used to a paticular super art. After activating super art III you can trick the opponent by purposly standing out of range for the qcf+K which will lure them into a false sense of security and then use hcb+short kick(capture and deadly blow) and then juggle with qcf+P or against certain characters in the corner you can follow the capture and deadly blow with charge b,f+jab punch(hold for overhead) and then the qcf+P for a nice little combo.

Hey, those strats are neat-o and everything, but maybe you could answer some of my questions for me? You know, the sentenes with the question marks at the end of them. :smiley:

I just want to know how it works, and if you can get hit out of the attack. Is there much invinibility when activating it?

There are some invicinciblity frames when activiting it, but it’s not siginificant enough to impact any gameplay. Except for some hilarious lucked-out play.

After activating, QCF+P is basically an attack. It is blockable. It is comboable. Some examples of combos with SA3 are:

activate, j.Fierce, close Forward xx QCF+P
C&DB in corner, Jab/Strong Rush Punch xx SA3, QCF+P

QCF+K (AKA Molest Grab) on the other hand is a grab move. It is unblockable. It is uncomboable. This version does more damage than QCF+P version. The range is pretty large.

What is my opinion of this super? It is more of an exhibitionist super. It is not really helpful in any way. If you really want to win, then this super is not a best choice.

theory fighter owns! :rolleyes:

Ooh, ok… So I guess I can’t really use it to dodge Fbs or anything.

Ok, Is there any invincibility on THIS move? I don’t really remember getting hit out of it, just trading. I dunno.

So it’s kinda like, his other 2 supers are just better than this one.

The way people talk about this one, I understand most people think it’s utter garbage. Like, it won’t even connect. This is the part I don’t understand. (Maybe I would if I fought against good comp)

If a Q player activated SAIII against YOU, what would you then do to make it useless? Do you run? or do you not even fear it at all and just play normally?

Thanks for the answers btw! :slight_smile:

No. No more invincibilty frames after the initial start up activation. However, you can probably grab their limbs with QCF+P but then that would be a hilarious lucked-out play.

Well, if that player is hell-bent on landing the throws after activation, then you simply just jab him out a lot since it’s so slow. Jumping around a lot would make that super useless as well.

If the player is smart and baits jumps with Slappy Hands or counter oppnent’s Jabs with cr.Short or whatever, it is still hard to land the super. To actually land the super you would have to just seize an opporunity, otherwise you’re going to stand there like an idiot waiting for punishment.

If I use that super, I would use it only if I C&DB them in the corner, then I would follow up with Jab/Strong Rush Punch xx SA3, QCF+P. It’s a stylish combo =) Of course, there are times I just randomly activated SA3 for some “hilarious lucked-out play.”

That brings up another thing. The combo I mentioned above is the ONLY combo that you can consistently connect the SA3. Compare that with his other supers, Critical Combo Attack and Deadly Double Comination, they each have more than one combo to consistently land the super. So, Total Destruction super is very limited in terms of options.

Theory fighter does own. Look, I know that to try and do your best you try and use safe tactics/strategies that are more consistent as well. Consistency is a very big key when it comes to placing high in tourneys but people don’t play long enough with some supers to be consistent with them IMO.

This super for Q is better than some other supers other characters have. I mean look at some other “decent” supers like Alex’s hyper bomb or Necro’s slam dance. If you can block when the charge for their super comes then you can simply jump away from it which means you have to practically use the super as a counter super or either grab it when they can’t jump. Or look at Yang’s raishin mahhaken, if you can block it before the super pause then you can simply parry it and tear him a new hole or somethin’. Of course comboing these supers alleviates the problem somewhat but I thought the whole point in throw/grab supers is to catch the opponent while they were blocking. Now try Hugo’s gigas breaker, if you’re standing on the ground when the super pauses the screen you’re caught-no questions asked. Now that’s a grab super for ya!!!

And trying to make total destruction “worthless” with jabs and running like I said can be helpful to Q. There are always ways to punish people who do things you know are coming. Some things are harder to punish than others but it still gives you an advantage. So if you know they are gonna try and jab you away or run you can use normal attacks timed very well or possibly get in some taunts like I said before and as long as you get close and can pull of a short kick then you have a definite chance of hitting the super.

And using the invincible frames IS a viable tactic as well. There are a ton of moves that if you know they’re coming you can use the invincibility on but parrying into capture and deadly blow followed with an EX rush punch and roundhouse kick, taunt is probably your best bet. Heck, that’s practically a super in itself without using all that level. However, the invincible frames work against throws too. You can use a close forward kick and if it gets parried you can 2-in-1 into the super and whatever post parry move or throw they try on you will wiff b/c the invincible frames and then you can grab them with qcf+K. That’s just an example and has holes in it b/c if they parry and do a normal throw(f/b/n+jab punch+short kick) fast enough it will catch you before the super has time to charge up (you will not waste the level though if this happens). Also if the normal throw wiffs they can jump away from the qcf+K but must do it right away and it still lets you grab them with qcf+P or anti-air with b+medium punch.

BTW out of all the timed supers this one has the second most time on it next to Twelve’s X.C.O.P.Y… Oro’s tengu stone and his first super are very close to this though. It’s about 12 seconds for total destruction if you’re wondering.

Q’s SA3 is just very bad. That is all i have to say. I tired giving it a chance and it just does not cut it. not even for a causal play.

gunjack is right, he sucks. He told me twelve beats my hugo. and sho nuff, i beat his twelve with my hugo. HAHAHAHAHA

I wanna go to city place arcade so tell me a good time to go.

nah man i did not say beat, i said 12 owns hugo. :stuck_out_tongue: that sounds better.

shit, city place is getting hopeless nowadays. but your best bet is on saturday about 5 pm. get your Va boys to come too.

If played correctly, no character should “own” any other character. Simple as that! However, I do understand that certain match ups are hard for certain characters. Some stuff is pure mathematics though. For example, Hugo might have a hard time against Twelve b/c he is an airborne freak and Hugo is a “throw” character. His throws can only be landed on a grounded opponent. That’s why picking super art II with Hugo against Twelve is very interesting and possibly the best choice depending on your opponent’s play style and such but nobody ever gives second hand supers like that a chance do they? It’s a shame that everybody thinks that Ken, Yun, and Chun Li are the best in the game too. They’re all awesome but come on guys, the game is balanced enough to do away with tiers and such. Tiers aren’t how good a character is. How good a character is is dependent on YOUR play versus the other guys not tiers. Tiers are how easy it is to play certain characters which is all relative anyway. I mean look at Yun. The only freakin’ reason that people sweat his nutsack is b/c of super art III. Super art III with Yun isn’t exactly the easiest super to use either so why is he top tier? I can see Chun Li b/c her moves have so much priority it’s rediculous so folks can just use certain attacks over and over and not be punished for it really. That’s easy. Oh hell, what do I know? Right?
All I can say is if somebody comes up and starts “owning folks for free” with some crazy super that people thought won’t that good then don’t be suprised. This game has a whole lot more to offer and everybody can improve whether you think it’s true or not.
Don’t get me wrong, the stuff that’s the “best” now will always be good but just b/c you think something isn’t good now doesn’t mean it’s true either.

I feel sorry for you if you feel as though you can’t play Q’s super art III in casual play. Dwell on it a little bit and I’m sure you’ll realize you can. There’s really only 2 questions here. One is can you activate the super without getting raped? Obviously yes! If you can’t you just suck yo. Second is can you hit the super after activation? This is where it’s up in the air. Some people say you can’t on a consistent enough basis. If that is what you feel like in your heart of hearts then you must ask yourself one final question–Does it give Q any other advantages when he doesn’t hit the super to actually warrant playing with it? The answer to this question is probably a resounding NO!!! with most people. If it is no then simply don’t play with the super and say you don’t think it’s good. Ok I accept that but please accept it when I say I can play with it and see some merit in it. My comp might not be all that good but there’s still benefit of the doubt here. The damage I get from people playing “safe” to avoid the super (ala Mopreme shin shoryuken), the damage I get from folks trying to use rampant light moves to avoid it, the extra taunts I sometimes get from it, and the times I actually hit the super warrant using it to me though.

Excuse yourself man. Feeling sorry for me? :wtf: Q is my main character. Check yourself son. Since u live in NC, I will be there for a tourney in Jan. Just show up.

That line in particular made me LOL. Seriously, I play Q and I know SA3 sucks, even though I pick it from time to time. Should I dwell on it? Fuck no. It’s obvious that it’s lacking options for that super.

Go play more arcades and less time reading some crap about so-called “theory fighter.”

locust perfects everyone in theory fighter! he is the justin wong of theory fighter!

Hrm. that’s how I usually land it? I guess I’m hilariously lucked out. :slight_smile:


After I activate, I punch grab and trade with the jab… Probably just me being lucky again and my opponents being crappy I guess.

You’re right about the jumping around and running thing. I feel helpless with my meter running down. Unless I anti-air with the thing (rare), IF they jump in and attack.


i will definitely have to try that… thx! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I can see how the other two are just plain out better. Easier to land/combo, better startup, etc. Just have more uses overall.

But they don’t make the opponent EXPLODE! :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up.

Take this into consideration though. You have alot of chances to hit total destruction. More so than his other supers b/c once you use it the level is GONE! Timed supers last. Although I will admit that it is easier to hit Q if you block qcf+P and if you jump over qcf+K. Another scub mistake is trying to continually hit the super once it’s activated and/or being scared when the time is about to run out. Hell, let it run out. It’s better than playing for the super and getting waxed when you probably wouldn’t have caught it anyway. People waste supers all the time, no big deal. Just play smart. If you play certain opponent’s who just dawg you and make you lose all the time on the super most of the time then you might consider re-thinking your strategy or playing with another super. It’s pretty much obvious at this point but is a little more prevailant with timed supers but the percentage of times that you hit the super versus not is a real good indicator of how well you play with it against certain opponents. It’s a good idea to play with all supers to understand their strengths/weaknesses and how to play with them and against them. Some people on these boards just don’t see that though. I mean what happens when you’re so used to playing SA III Ken’s that when some joe comes along and picks SA II you instinctively jump more than you should and he busts you up?

Note when blocking long supers or having charged b or d/b for 2 seconds you cannot do qcf+P or qcf+K with total destruction activated b/c it will do rush punches. You must do something else like qcf,qcf+P or qcf,qcf+K. You can’t use throws with forward either(forward+jab punch+short kick) b/c likewise it will do a rush punch. Remember to do neutral or back throws instead.

You’re backing up SAIII, yet you admit that it has no guaranteed setups, and at some points you should even just let the super run out? Why bother?