Sunnyvale, California CAPCOM WANTS To hear YOU!

Yo i got this in my email. If you want Capcom to support fighters once again plzzz email them. This is a great oppertunity for the community to be heard. I would love to go to this but i dun live anywhere near there

If you live in the San Francisco Bay area we want to talk to you!

CAPCOM will be conducting focus group that will discuss fighting games on the evening of Wednesday, April 28 in Sunnyvale, California

If you are a male between the ages of 17 and 30, and are interested in participating we invite you to come to the facility for a discussion group.

If you qualify, the discussion will last approximately 90 minutes and participants will be paid $75.

We have hired an independent research company to conduct these discussions. Please reply by clicking on the address (or paste it into your email window) and be sure to include your name, age, and phone number so the research company can call you with details.

Thanks for your participation!


Good luck pplz

i got the email too. people should go…specially the top players like valle and choi and others who know the scene well…SF4 and marvel 3, as well as a cvs 3 opinions plz! the scene is not dead! its keeping arcades alive.

Well, this dream is dead. I can already hear the roar of “LOL MORE MVC2 PZLz!!!” from this focus group.

The arcade scene is dead. Face it, Capcom’s arcade division shutting it’s doors wasn’t a joke, and I don’t think an American focus group is gonna convince a Japanese company to re-open a money-losing venture. At best, we could give a few ideas for the their next fighting game on consoles.

Hahah cka. I htink you’re blowing it out of proportion, though.

Oh man, every MvC2 player GOGOGOGOGGO



yah i got this Email also, AT 2st i was like like thinking this was a fake email,

But i guess it isnt…DAMN i wish i lived in cali so i can go support this event.

Oh man, wish I lived in San Fran Bay area. Shit man I’d love to go. If this thing were sometime past May 7th then I’d definetly go. Too bad, I’d love this, free money for talking about one of the best things in my life. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

if you knew better, you’d know norcal doesn’t exactly have a big mvc2 scene.

you know what… your right.

That doesn’t stop people from other regions going to this thing.

if i get the chance to go there, i will personally ask capcom, what the FUCK was in there minds when they directed the mvc2 sound track.

ink add this to the news! Important stuff here…

I hope its a big turnout.

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Screw this shit…its the same time as Davis weekly.

:eek: !!!

If I recall, Northern California is CvS2 country.


You know, it probably doesn’t matter who goes to this thing, the types of questions these focus groups ask tend to filter out biases first so they can get the vital info they need.

Also, Capcom doesn’t have the Marvel license nor can they make any more games with SNK (though Sammy vs. Capcom does come to mind…), so if any fighting game were to come out of this, it would be a Street Fighter game (or at least one with all Capcom characters) and/or one that was specifically for home.

Remember, though, they did bring back 3rd Strike and are releasing it for the PS2, so Capcom is definitely up to something.


Are the top players like Campbell Tran or John Choi going to attend if they can? What about the Cannons?

Man whats up with everyone. This is a chance for something good to happen. All you ppl who keep posting negative shit can just fuck yourself

I agree, Cali gets this very special opportunity that I’m sure gamers from all over the country would love to get, and people complain about it. So maybe your favorite game may not get represented, big deal. At this point, we need fans of ANY fighter to get the chance to be heard, because quite frankly fighting games aren’t setting the world on fire the way they used to.

Be :smiley: !