Sunday Night Fights @ South Lake Tahoe

So we have started a weekly fighting game meetup in South Lake Tahoe. For as far as I know the closest this town has had to a community is a small club of smash players that didn’t really last. We are currently looking for a permanent meet up place but we will update on our facebook page.

We have enough equipment for two sets, and enough knowledge to help anyone who is willing to play.

**(Sunday Fight Nights) - **Weekly
Games: SSFIV:AE, UMvC3, TTT2, KoFXIII, P4A, BB, SFxT, MK, DoA5(?)
**Day: **Sunday
**Time: **4pm-9pm
Address: Varies, still looking for a permanent home.
**Facebook: **

BYOC is not enforced but encouraged.
Pad is okay.
If the meetup is in someones home, then you are expected to behave in a proper manner and respect the set boundaries.