[Sun, June 29] STFU: See The Fighters United! (SSF4AE, Smash, Rival Schools, SF3) - Spring Lake, NC


STFU: See The Fighters United!

Gamers Guild
1052 Lillington Hwy, Spring Lake, North Carolina 28390
June 29th 11:00am to 12:00am

This is a video game tournament for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Super Smash Bros. Melee, PM, and Brawl. The venue will feature free food, cash prizes, and plenty of games available for free play.

RULES (Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition)

PLATFORMS - Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition will take place on PS3, PC, and Xbox 360. Players will be split into 2 brackets (360 Bracket and PS3 Bracket). The top 3 players from each bracket will face each other on the PC (since it’s compatible with both controllers) in a best of 5 match against the player with the same placing as them to determine who wins the prize money.

To make sure things are as fair as possible, both brackets should be equal or at least close to equal in size. The PC will be used to make up whatever difference the PS3 and 360 players have between each other and anyone who is able to play on both consoles will be asked to join the bracket the least amount entrants.

  • One game is best of 3, 99-second rounds.

  • One match is best of 3 games.

  • Finals and Grand Finals are the best of 5 games.

  • The winner of each game must select the same character but can change Ultra after loser selects their character.

  • Blind select is available by request.

  • Programmable controllers and/or turbo functions are banned, and if a player is found using any such function will immediately forfeit the game.

  • Pausing a game will result in forfeit of that round unless the opponent chooses to waive this option.

RULES (Super Smash Bros.)

Melee: http://www.apex-series.com/rules/melee/

Brawl: http://www.apex-series.com/rules/brawl/

PM: http://www.apex-series.com/rules/projectm/

PRIZES (% of pot)

1st: 50%

2nd: 25%

3rd: 12.5%

*Winner Take All (Side Events)


Venue Fee: $5

SSF4: Arcade Edition Singles: $10

Melee Singles: $10

Brawl Singles: $10

Project M Singles:$10

Side Events: $2

DISCOUNTS: Attendees will get $1 off the venue fee for every piece of equipment they bring for the tournament (i.e. games, consoles, and televisions). A player may get a maximum $3 off. In order to get the benefit of the discount you must first pay the $5 venue fee. You will be refunded the difference after all the events that we need your equipment for have concluded.

FREE FOOD: Comes with the venue. Enjoy!


  1. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

  2. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

  3. Super Smash Bros. Melee

  4. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  5. Project M

  6. Rival Schools

  7. Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3


Side events are $2,single elimination, best of 3 games, and winner take all. Blind pick is available upon request. Other than that the rules for each side event will be the standard tournament rules for that particular game unless stated otherwise.

As of right now there are no definite side events. Whether or not there will be side events all depends on how much time is left after all major events have concluded and how many set ups are still available. Side events will be chosen from the games available for free play. Voting will decide which games will be played.


  1. 11AM - Registration (All Day)

  2. 12PM - SSF4AE

  3. Melee Singles

  4. Brawl Singles

  5. PM Singles

  6. Side Events

NOTE: No events other than SSF4AE have a set start time. If you’re not sure if can make it to an Event it time or will be a few minutes late please leave a message on the FB page or contact the Gamers Guild (910-497-2354) ASAP.


CONDUCT - Be respectful to others. Trash talking is allowed but if you are saying something that is considered verbal abuse or harassment we will ask you to stop but if such behavior persists then you’ll have to leave. Physical violence will not be tolerated at all. Anyone seen fighting will be kicked out without warning.

BELONGINGS - Anyone bringing in equipment will have to get it registered at the door to avoid anything being misplaced. Aside from controllers, no equipment will leave the room without first talking to someone at the desk. We are taking steps to make sure that no loses anything. If you have to leave for any reason your things will be there when you get back.

PLAYER INFORMATION - At registration players must provide their full name some reliable form of contact information (e.g. phone, email, facebook). This for security purposes and to send or retrieve any additional information to or from the player in regards to the tournament or future tournaments.

As one of the TOs I will be providing most of the equipment needed but in order for this event to be the best that it can be I will need help from some of the players. If you can bring any of the items listed please let me know.

IMPORTANT: Only state what you are bringing if you are 100% you are going to this event and can provide the items you’ve listed. Any equipment needed for tournament play will be marked with an asterisk (*).

  • Melee

  • Brawl

  • Project M

  • Wii

  • TV set

Rival Schools: United By Fate

3rd Strike (PS3)

3rd Strike (360)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

  • Streaming Equipment

  • Super Street Fighter Fighter IV Arcade Edition (360)

  • Super Street Fighter Fighter IV Arcade Edition (PS3)

  • Xbox 360

  • PlayStation 3

  • Game Cube

Here’s a link to the FB page:

IF ANYONE HAS ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS LET ME KNOW. I will be updating this page and the FB page as frequently as possible. For more information please email Dewprism0@gmail.com

Just a reminder. The tournament is in 8 days. For all those who are planning to attend, please join the FB page so that I have a better idea of how many people are showing up.