Suitable moves to counter low stance characters

This is a pretty important situational aspect to cover no matter what character you play and you won’t usually find it in top 10 moves lists, so post up!

Personally I prefer quick safe on block mids with good range, then I can just throw them out without having to wait to see the stances.

If it catches an opponent in airborne state you get a full juggle. It’s 14 frames which is fast, and the hitbox is extremely low to the ground and even catches Lei’s special laying down shit.
Good range, slams the floor. A bit slower than b+22 so use it at bigger distances.
Crushes lows, half screen range, hits grounded, puts you airborne so that you won’t get launched if you get hit by a launcher so you can use it if a character enters a stance in your face and going to do his 50/50 wheel of fortune mixup.

Very easy. u/f+4 and ff+3 are all you need.

Add more characters.

:eek: Very good topic.

Something we should mention is that many stances have automatic low parry mechanics attached to them, so please do try to swing (if you must) with a quick mid that hits as low to the ground as possible. Using chip lows may be faster, but can end up getting parried or crushed if you are unfamiliar with that stance(s) and its followup(s).


  • f, f+1: Michelle’s catch-all mid; good range and generally not parriable. Confirm into f, f+1, 4 for a nice NC “don’t do that” move.
  • f, f+2: A little slower than most other options, but almost always more consistent and hits everything no matter how low, even grounded.
  • d/f+1: Pretty decent, maybe lacking range, but if you happen to catch the opponent in a TC state, you get a free f, f+3 > f, f+2 that’s all natural.
  • (4)~2: War Drum is great for catching people quickly and from a very long way away. If you whiff with 4 but tag with the 2, you get a NC followup with (4)~2, 1.
  • d, d/f+1: Shotgun! Speed is the name of the game here and this hit-confirms naturally into d, d/f+1, 2 or you can enter your own stance and start mixing up with d, d/f+1, 3_4.


  • d+2: Pretty okay; I tend to use this move from a range as a “please stop” sign and leaves the opponent in a WS state.
  • f, f+3: This move homes, is 100% safe and unfortunately, takes some time to start up. I use this when stance characters are away but approaching me rapidly.
  • b+3: Asuka’s famous panic button; double crushes (early high crush window, late low crush window), launches, tag bufferable. Solid option in general.
  • SS+2: Another “please don’t hit me here hold this” button that’s very safe and quick to start up. If the stance is weak to a side, step that way and slap them for a wallsplat.
  • 1+2: Low range decently quick natural hit launcher; if you feel you have a 15 frame window or so to hit someone (after a block or as they’re closing in), this is a nice easy and relatively safe option that covers the space immediately in front of you.

Ugh. What you want to use to hit people in low stances like RLX, AOP, Lei lying down and shit is a fast move that spikes them on the ground for you to setup oki. Paul d+1 is a move like this, you should give examples like that.

I haven’t played against low stances in a while but I know that for Jun, her FF+3, DB+4 strings and F+2 are pretty good. Lili’s DF+44 is great as well.