Suikoenbu Funsaiki?

I believe thats the name of it. The case is all in japanese so I’m not really sure.

Has anyone played/heard of it before? It’s a weapon based 2-d fighter that has a dynasty warriors meets samurai showdown look to it. Made in 95-96 (for saturn/arcade) by Data East.

Has a guy wrestling a tiger on the cover

If this is the case? Then you actually have Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty (Suiku Enbu), as that would be Wu Song when he’s killing the man eating Tiger.
Do you have the Saturn or PS version? As the Saturn version is very slow, as the PS version moves 3 times as fast.

FuunSaiki will (or should) be in a twin CD case!

If you want to learn more about the game than you can look at my FAQ on in the Saturn section under Dark Legend, it’ll be the combo faq by DEATHSCHILD.

Hope this helps…

Was Fuun Saki ever released for arcade? SuikoEnbu is coming along pretty nicely in Mame, it’d be another fun game to try online.

As far as I know it was a Saturn only game. But as I’ve said a few times before, the game feels like they stopped at about 90% and just published it As Is! As it just doesn’t feel finished, like their other fighters…And the most annoying glitch would be the invincibility one! And the other thing that can be overly abused is the Shield…:looney:


**That just might be it! Thanks a bunch I was begining to worry I was talking about an imaginary game!!:rofl: :looney: :confused: **

And I have the Saturn version…again Thank You!