Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2 Tournament on 1st May 2009

Game: Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2.5
Location: Arcadia by TORNADO @ Iluma Shopping Centre 5th Floor (Located just directly opposite Bugis Junction)
Date: 1st May 2009
**Time: **1530hrs
Format: Double Elimination Blind Draw

Great turn out by everyone from the AH2 community yesterday for the tournament. Much thanks to those who spread it by word or mouth or thru some other medium. Anyway some shout out goes to
akane kilvear and farp for going advice, helping out and of course not forgetting loaning the recording equipment. Videos are with kilvear therefore please hold on while they’re being uploaded.

Last but not least the great folks at arcadia for their support in this tournament.

Here are the results / standings from the tournament itself.

1: Ah Ning
2: Xlenz
3: SugarMilkTea
4: Farp
5: coltzalin
5: Joel
7: Cheeko
7: BL
9: masterofz
9: Sevalle
9: Kilvear
9: Hannybal
13: Mars people
13: Babykiller
13: Kelong
13: Uris
17: Serge

Click here for the brackets pic

Shout Outs

Ah Ning: Thanks for coming down all the way from up north to give support
Xlenz: So close so close for the semi finals!!
Farp: Your zenia is getting stronger every day and thanks for the tourney help out
coltzalin: Your saki is quite strong in case u didn’t realized that
Joel: Imba Akane? You shall be rename as super uber imba long legs akane!
Cheeko: So sad the kamui clan only left the two of us lolol…
BL: your heart is not bad considering you’re still not used to the transition to ah2
masterofz: Great thanks to you for coming down all the way to join us on the last min notice
Sevalle: Told you catherine is ez to use and win ya? Tiger!
Kilvear: Much thanks to you for your eq and of course for repping petra
Hannybal: Time to start firing up your ps2 and play S!ah2 ya?
Marspeople: You still got the basic just that u not used to the c and e button extra. Play more with hannybal and hope can see u next time. Lastly thanks for informing all those in the north area to come down.
Babykiller: jon jon jon you’ve got potential!
Kelong: Your clarice pro! Just that you need to know when to zone them with your spikes
Uris: Don’t be so excited bro calm down and u will land your combos
Serge: Catherine is not bad right tiger tiger lol spin special!

Videos are up! Much thanks to kilvear for uploading them

Full play list can be found here:

Winners Bracket

Round of 16




Loser Bracket

Round of 16


Semi-Finals 1

Semi-Finals 2

Losers Finals

3rd Place Fight Off

Grand Finals

congrats to all who participated! :slight_smile: