Suggestions to add reactions via the Retort plugin

I don’t mind the forum look or the infinite scrolling either. That said, I greatly miss Vanilla’s post reactions since a single heart for every kind of reaction is sort of limited and don’t convey the LOLs.

There’s a Retort plugin for the Discourse forums that allows to post emoji reactions. Limit the possible reactions to a few that are equivalent to the old Agree / Disagree / Insightful / WTF / LOL and limit to one reaction per user so it doesn’t get messy by trolls. With that SRK is complete.

I wish there were updates on this topic as I’m looking for something similar.I’m literally looking for new ways to improve my website as I’m trying to create a huge database of clients for several of my projects altogether. At first, I looked at the most popular google searches in regard to plug-ins related to WordPress but after hours of working with them, I realized that uListing – WordPress Classified Ads Plugin – StylemixThemes Classified plug-ins were just a hidden gem as I was able to drag and drop loads and loads of data at once.