Suggestion (SF1)

Hi people. I have a suggestion to the guys who draw. I was thinking… Why not redesign the sf1 characters by ourselves? Hm, ourselves? I said ourselves? Hm, I meant you, who know how to draw and paint so perfectly. I think that first we could suggest some personality of the character. After a discussion about how they would look like, somebody could draw them.

I think that Lee and Retsu don’t have anything to change. I supose they have a great look. But Mike, Joe and Geki must change too much. Geki not that much, also, but he must have something that makes him different from other ninjas.

About Joe, I think about hard changes. First of all, I think about a hair like Beckham’s, you know? Or maybe the hair that he owns now, because I’ve read he has something militar… And a militar couldn’t have a punk or almost-punk hair… Well, what do you think? Then, I think it would be cool if he used a mustache, almost a goatee. On hands, a lot of rings. I’ve been thinking about piercing and earings, but I don’t think it would be that cool. Besides, I thought about the same red pant and a black waistcoast. And, then, black boots instead of tenis.

About Mike, first of all Capcom must say if he is or isn’t Mike Bison/Balrog. If not, I have some ideas. He wouldn’t use box gloves, but would use the same strips Sagat use on hands. I think his hair could be grey-headed in a short cut. I thought about puttin in him some big cutlets. I thought also about using in hands that iron instrument fighters use on the four fingers, you know…? I dont remember that shit’s name…

But that’s it. What do you think, guys? Let’s go, suggest something.


Sure, it’d be cool to draw SF1 characters, but I have no idea how most of them look, you got any pics?

I have a Capcom Early Games art book, I’ll scan the portraits of the SF1 characters when I get home if no one can find them online. One thing about redesigning them… Dan’s dad was killed by Sagat in this tournament, so would he be like a zombie or something?

Hey, guys, there’s a great site about sf1 pics:
Hope you like it. And… about Dan… I don’t know, but I wonder how would Go Hibiki’s be like… :slight_smile:

Ha ha Birdies white. This is good reference thanks! Now I just gotta decide who I’m gonna draw.

He was sick! Really!

And Mike from SF1 is NOT M. Bison/Balrog from SF2. This has already been said by Capcom.

Wahh wahh Warzard character artwork! Great site.:bgrin:

It’s an interesting idea, but as you’re aware, more than half of the characters have already been redesigned by Capcom. So…

I was thinking of drawing Birdie Vomiting or something. Or hungover.

Dan’s father makes a couple of appearances in Pocket Fighter. Kinda severe looking with a goatee. I think.

Munta that’s a wicked idea! Let me know if you’re gonna go thru with it because I’ll steal it if you arn’t.

Not exactly a redesign, but I did a pic of Retsu today, so here it is,

Deranged Zombie:
Man your retsu is great!

My Drunk puking Birdie idea has ryu about to fight him and Birdie with bottles of beer lying around saying: “Hold on a second, then BLEUUUWWHHHHH!!!” (Pukeage)Then his aplha 3 Win quote. Something like “He was “sick” on that day” or something.

I don’t mind if you do your own drunk hungoyer Birdie deal. I’d love to see it in your bitchinly awesome style. Just cread me with the idea. :wink:

That’s a great pic, man! I’d like so much to draw like you do. I’m practicing, at all… In a decade I do like you, haha. :slight_smile:

That Retsu is bloody good my chap. Goin for the NG approach I see :bgrin:

Thanks, but whats the NG approach?

SF III New Generation of course.:shy:

Ahh the the New Generation, of course! As awsome as those pics are I actually wasn’t influenced by them, just thought it’d be cool if I left a black outline in.

looks good DZ :slight_smile: Esp like the colours.
for some reason I couldn’t view the page at first, but now I can.

been a while man… good to see you popping in :slight_smile:


I’ll post here as long as srk is alive. :bgrin: Tho in terms of art I doubt I can contribute as much as I used to.

This is actually very interesting! I may do one of them in 3D if I have time… I’ll keep an eye on this thread.