Suggestion for a fun side event

The competitive melee scene has put together these awesome music videos based on all things competitive melee for sing alongs.
The songs are all about top players, advanced techniques, stages, metagame, ect…

It would be great if we could set up a smaller projector someone on the side to play these videos (there are 28 of them!) so we could do a sing alongs.

Here are a couple examples
The Little Mermaid - under the sea (Melee version: UNDER F.D.)

The Lion King - just can’t wait to be king (Melee version: I just can’t beat mew2king)
Frozen - Do you want to build a snowman (Melee version: Do you want to play some Falcon)

There are 28 altogether. These are very popular in the competitive melee scene and it would be great if we could have sing alongs while we are all together at one event.