Submitting a proposal,how do I do it?

I wonder if any of you guys can tell me how do I go about submitting a comics proposal to any one of the big guns particularly DC Comics? I have a DC/Elseworlds Supergirl storyline drafted out (pretty good story I might add) & I was wondering how do I go about submitting it

Sadly as far as I know, DC doesn’t except unsolicited writing submissions. Marvel does though. Change your story into a young Ms. Marvel from a different reality and go from there! :rofl: ACK DC fans don’t flame me, it’s the cold hard truth and I’m not trying to be a Marvel fanboy here. :sweat:

Some general advice.

The most important thing you can do is find out what a comic book script looks like and emulate that. Because I guarantee you if you submit something and it doesn’t look like an actual comic book script they are going to toss it into the garbage immediately. It’s not like a movie script, it’s different. You can probably find several examples online if you dig around. There are actual comic book scripts in comic books and trade paperbacks nowadays so you may have one in your house already. All of the Street Fighter Raw issues contain scripts so if you can find one well there you go.

Another way to go about it is find yourself an artist and create a comic book yourself. Especially for writers, sometimes it helps if you can do the work yourself and produce something. It doesn’t have to be in color and it doesn’t have to contain the greatest artwork either, it’s just that reading comic book stories is much easier that way. It will also prove that you are willing to follow through and do the work that is needed in going about to create a comic book. These guys recieve thousands upon thousands of submissions every year and if you give them something tangable that they can easily digest well that should work in your favor. And in DC’s case they do accept art submissions so if the writing is really good this ‘may’ be a back door way to get in. BUT I STRONGLY DOUBT IT, IN THIS REGARD DC’S NOT COOL… :sad:

I hope I’ve been of some help there. DC and Marvel are not the only people on the block so you could always try to swap your characters for others if you want to submit to other companies. Or make up characters that are ‘kind of like’ the ones in your original stories but different. I guess you can start out by thinking about say, aspects of Supergirl you don’t like and starting from there when creating a ‘new’ character. If it’s only for the purposes of getting in the door you shouldn’t worry too much about how similar the character comes out really.

Yes, echoing Sano, you can’t just have a proposal or idea - you need a full “spec” script of an issue, and then an outline of the remaining issues.

The best way seems to be to create your own comic - come up with original ideas, write the scripts and find someone who will draw them. Then you self publish and try to get them into Marvel or DC’s hands.

This is because you are an unproven writer, so there is no track record that shows people the end result of your idea’s fruition. It’s like if you are a first time screenwriter and come up with a great idea, you don’t go around and pitch it to the studios in the hopes that they buy it, you instead have to write the whole script for “free” and take the chance that someone is going to want to purchase it. THEN once you are established and there are fans of your writing, you are able to just take around ideas/pitches and get them sold before you have to write them. Now you coming up with a Supergirl idea is like a first time screenwriter trying to pitch himself as the writer of the next James Bond movie. It just isn’t going to happen. Ideally you take your Supergirl idea and use it in the context of characters of your own creation.

@Sano & P.Gorath- Thank you guys for the advice.I have a Kingdom Come TPB that has some of the scripts in the back of the book so I’m going to check it out & <ahem>yes I did have a Ms.Marvel storyline in mind,but I guess with this Supergirl story I had done,I could use that one & twist some things around.

You guys gave really good advice but I was wondering about something. You suggest that one should self publish a comic first. Is there a specific medium that you suggest this should be done through such as hard copy, internet, etc.

Both options are available to you and some people have gotten jobs solely by putting stuff on the internet. Making a hard copy costs more money to make, as opposed to the internet where all you have to do is create the pages and scan them. You can actually do both if you have the pages drawn out before you go about binding them. I guess you can scan a hard copy later too with cropping where needed.

Nowadays some artists work entirely on the computer so you can even skip a bunch of steps with regards to scanning.

Marvel does accept online submissions and most companies do (again DC does not). In that way it’s cheaper.

Making actual comics, selling them at cons or at stores, right off the bat you have to realize that you are going to lose more money then you make. And you should pretty much forget about color if you are making multiple copies because that will seriously break you.

Online all of these problems go away. But at the same time you can get hard copies into people’s hands and in stores. On the flip side more people, possibly around the globe will see your work online and you may get a fan following that can lead to bigger and better things.

I wish there was a road map to success but like almost everything in life there really isn’t. I suggest looking at your own personal situation, in this case your financial situation (would be nice if this wasn’t a factor, but it is) and pursuing the path that works best for you.

wow you never cease to amaze me with your thorough answers. thanks a lot for responding and for your help