Submit All Your Sketches Here

this thread is dedicated exclusively for sketch art. a sketch is simply an unfinished picture. use the other threads to submit finished pics.

rules of this thread is as follows:

  1. since this is sketch thread, you are allowed to submit pics with mistakes. so dont bitch about how it is shitty it looks or how you spend less than 1 minute on it. spare us all, thank you.

  2. avoid using programs to color, if you have colored an image using photoshop or other programs, it isnt really considered a sketch.

sketching is the fundamental step (it is the only step where you are allowed to make mistakes) in a drawing, so use this oppurtunity to have critics review your pictures and show you how to improve your pics.

i am just a student of art, but if anyone needs advice or help, let me know and i will try and offer tips.

so i’ll start it off.

Cool. Here is my robot for my upcoming pic I’m working on. Zman i seen this and I’ll say i’ll again, great work and pose.

here’s sum more for ya,

its a dragon picture i did during math class. enjoy.

hey, nice charcoal pic, SFMC, i promise you didnt see this one.

last pic for today, its a quick sketch i did for an art class. enjoy.

Thats some good shit Zen!

Really nice sketches, I especially like the dragons. I thought dragons where dead, its always good to see people still drawing them. SFMC, whats up with that robot? You suprised me with that one, didnt think you drew robots.

Thanks deo, and where is your stuf at? I thought you said you were gonna send me some character designs to check out?

Well here is another entry for my sketchbook stuff.

thanks guys, i appreciate your compliments. please contribute your sketches too. thanks for that great pic sfmc, i can see that blocky look in your characters. i didnt notice it on your other finished pictures. is this particular sketch an older piece? also, great job in putting in so many characters in a single sketch, and with such detail!

i did this is a sketch last night of the prince from the recent prince of persia title. enjoy.

Thats some good shit Zen!

dragons dead? man, theyre just not drawn as often as we like. i have lots of pictures of dragons. will post more in the future! come to think of it, i dont think i have seen your art deo, perhaps you can post a few sketches…

here is a pic of the ninja turtles! i have been dying to draw them ever since i saw that picture of the ninja turtles drawn by joe mad:

mine is nothing compared to that masterpiece

Cool Thread

Hey ZenMasterZ

Good idea for a thread. I learn ALOT from peoples sketches. I find them really interesting.

It’s great to be able to see how people build their piece and which lines they choose.

Really nice art to man. You and SFMC’s work is some of the best in these forums.

Were can I find that Joe Mad Ninja Turtle art? He always seems to draw my favorite things.

Heres a sketch of the Main character from my comic.


thanks, i really think a sketch is very important because it is the framework of the entire artwork. sometimes when you observe a picture in its entirety, you get overwhelmed. but when you see a sketch, you say, “yeah, i see how he did that, it’s do-able”.

i really like your picture, it reminds me of my friend’s style. his pictures have nice poses, but doesnt conform with reality. but hey, its really tough to judge art, some of it is subjective.

click this url
it’ll take you to the joe mad art.

Heres my pashin (Kiwi for kissing) research pics for my next comic.

I find it hard to draw kissing in comics. I find that alot of the time it can come off too ridged and forced hence me drawing it out here. Showing passion and not having the comic come off as sleazy is going to be a big challenge. I’m working hard to find the balance. But I’m proud of these pictures I think I’m on the right track.

I’ll post a page from the above mentioned comic (I hope thats cool) I’m just workin on the mood and stuff at the moment. And the text (lucky the guy is mute).

Cheers Zen Master.
I must have missed your Post by a few seconds.

You said:
“i really like your picture, it reminds me of my friend’s style. his pictures have nice poses, but doesnt conform with reality. but hey, its really tough to judge art, some of it is subjective.”

That’s exactly what I’m going for! I try and streach and distort my characters into almost unatural poses kind of Like "Aeon Flux"ish.
Another artist (The Guy who directed the running story in the Matrix) does the same thing.
I also enlarge and play with foreshorting effects. I drew alot of perfect bodied dudes for ages but it just ended up frustrating me making my pictures look too static. It’s a real balancing act.

And you’re right it is very subjective. Everyone likes something different. And you have to do what you think best translates your idea.

Heres that page I was talking about. Enjoy!

Thanks for the Turtles link too. Mad is a grandmaster!

here… don’t laugh… you knw wha just tell me how I TRACED it or COPIED it that way I will expect it and wont be mad ok.

Took a long time but is still crap and not finished:( :frowning: od I need to earn to draw proper…

ZenMaster: I thought I’d seen most all of Joe Mad’s stuff (huge follower of his)…but NEVER had I seen that…those are some awesome TMNT pics by Mad and by you.

CptMunta: You got a really cool kinda Jim Mahfood/Craig Thompson feel to your work. I strongly suggest checking out Craig Thompson’s “Blankets” graphic novel.

and SFMC: I’m very impressed…that’s all I can say; your work is off the proverbial chi-z-ain.

I can’t really tell if you’d call this a sketch…for the most part it is…but it has color. I did it for homework for an artclass I’m in. Just pencil and marker. Once again, I’m sorry if you don’t classify this as a sketch and if by posting it I’ve ruined this thread and cursed it to an eternity of suffering in neglected-thread-hell. It’s just a pic of Old-School Gothic Undertaker from the 90’s WWF.

P.S. It’s my first time at trying my hand at posting art…so I apologize ahead of time if the link doesn’t work.

So wheres the art? Just joking. Are you attaching it or using img?

Thanks to all for the crit, and zman my sketches are always blocky, but when I finish off I round it up.

I dont do a whole lot of sketching, at least not as much as I should. If I find some I’ll be sure to post. I havent forgotten bout those characters SFMC, I havent had a chance to use the scanner at school:bluu: