SUBM #7 Results

These are the links to the bracket. I had fun and it was a great turn out. Thank you all for coming and supporting the scene. Hopefully we grow from this and become stronger. :0

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

  1. ChrisG
  2. BB Eduardo
  3. Essex
  4. UVG Noel Brown

Street Fighter IV AE

  1. ChrisG
  2. RPD WeakSauc3
  3. RPD Gridman
  4. AGZ MCZ LuckyD

Street Fighter x Tekken

  1. ChrisG
  2. RPD Gridman
  3. Mingo
  4. UVG Noel Brown

There were side tournaments for Tekken 6, KOF, SkullGirls, and 3rd Strike but I don’t have the results for those.

Even though I really didn’t get to play anything, I had lots of fun hanging out with everyone! MA tournament of the year right here. Loved it…and loved seeing everyone from far away like Maine and CT, and Springfield show up. This is a strong scene if we all make it out. but its time for everyone to step their shit up. Obviously myself included.

Also welcome my man Neo to the MA FGC!

im eating those words now. :confused:

I would like to give a shout out to bifuteki for making all the way out there to provide high quality stream for everyone to watch. i didnt get to spend a lot of time at the stream location to watch the matches :frowning: but all the yelling and screaming was so hype i can visualize it in my head. If you guys havent already donated to him, please do! he did a great job despite the difficulties that went on. Much appreciated. Also to team NY for showing up and just dominating us all :frowning: just makes us want to train even harder now. Yep ChrisG walked away with $1000+ last night. Congrats.Noel Brown with an upset loss to BB Eduardo (GJ stepping up your game) but won that $200 money match to prove himself. Congrats. I missed it but i hope it was recorded because i want to see it. :frowning:

Also, special thanks to the rest of the Fall River crowd, New York crowd, and anyone else that helped make this tournament run smoothly with all the events that happened at the same time. I did make a mistake on the bracket with names, it was corrected so I will apologize for that.I got a better plan for it next time.

Everyone else, good games! I thank you all for showing up and supporting once again.

Supreme Champion: FCNY Chris G

Worthy Adversary: TP Cheezburger

Maybe Next Time: Merkilo

4th place: Eighty

5th place tie:

7th place tie:
MTSL Mantra

9th place tie:

Chris G won everything except Tekken. He won the 3rd strike and Skullgirls tourney but didn’t enter Tekken.

1st: ChrisG
2nd: Amish Mike
3rd: Phoenicks

yo ugh this tourney was pretty godlike!

Yoo illwill master we needs to trains :slight_smile: u going to frl this weekend?! I might come play for a bit before ufc146 comes on :0

Daaaamn! I might im not sure yet cuz I’m trying to watch the fight too!!

Run that shit on your laptop like last time!