Stupid questions about tournaments etc

Sorry, but I have a real stupid question about tournaments like EVO etc… What platform do they use for these tournaments? For example SSF4… Do they play on a PC, 360, PS3 or real arcade hardware? Or do they run them on all platforms? I’m guessing that they make you turn off any “turbo” buttons if that is an option on your stick? Also what are the rules when it comes to using fight sticks? Anything goes? Hit box?

Thanks… Just curious…

evo will be on ps3 console GG

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And all the level up tournys are all on ps3 as well

Most tournaments follow EVO’s lead when it comes to platform and rules. PS3, running on sub-one-frame monitors (the ASUS monitor that everyone refers to as the “EVO” monitor is the reference to train against), no macros/turbos can be used. They don’t have to be, like, hacked out in hardware or anything… you’re just gonna get DQ’d if you’re discovered using/activating them, and it’s usually pretty obvious.

Hitboxes/All-Button-Controllers are generally allowed, but must have SOCD-cleaning built in (any of them produced today do, that just means you can’t register both left and right, or down and up, at the same time – they have to either cancel out or one has to take priority). SOCD is less of an issue as games have patched out the exploits that they enabled, I believe.

All that said, final rules are determined on a per-tournament; the local scene has power over how they play. Sometimes a TO has access to more 360’s than PS3’s, sometimes there’s laggy monitors, sometimes somebody’s paranoid about SOCD haxx and has a blanket ban on ABC’s. Review your local tournament ruleset before entry. The console variance is one of the reason dual-mods are so popular – some events will even use both systems for the tournament, so a single-system stick will mean having to borrow half the time (another advantage to playing on “standard” hardware – as Sanwa parts are the most popular/common, if you ever need to borrow you’re most likely gonna get Sanwas). If nothing else, there’s usually an XBox or two around for casuals, in my experience; dual mods are definitely worth having if you ever go to any events.

The major tournaments can run a variety of consoles depending on the game, but most of them are on either PS3 or Xbox360. They’re never done on PCs unless it’s a side tournament for one of the nichè games, and only very few games are actually run on arcade cabinets or superguns.

EVO will be run on PS3s since that was the set standard a few years ago. However, many of your local tournaments and majors use xbox360s due to their heavy prevalence in the fighting game community.

For controllers, all wireless controllers and arcade sticks aren’t allowed, since they can cause a variety of problems from accidentally pressing the home/select button to difficulty syncing up. Turbos are not allowed. If you get caught using them (it’s pretty obvious), you’re automatically disqualified from the tournament with no refund. Other than that, any standard fight stick or hit box will be just fine.

Thanks for the detailed information guys…