Stupid Little Kyo Tricks


i’m not that good at cvs2 but i think these tricks are kinda funny and they aren’t that bad at all.

RH throw.

Immediately do a reverse dp+LK, it looks like it might cross up but it doesn’t, do c. lk c. lk c. mp rekkas or whatever

you can do it a little later and it’ll hit and not whiff.

you can also do it with rdp+mk instead of lk and cross them up… and you can delay it so you hit them before they get up (but this will still hit them on the same side)

Another one

c. mp x 2 (or whatever) lp rekka (do 2 rekkas), on the second hit wait a little bit, then RH throw and do a wake up game and it also does more damage than the kick finisher obviously.

Of course this isn’t on block, do it on hit, the 2nd hit moves you foward so much (within throwing distance) and gives you frame advantage from what i can tell (if you go for a throw too early it won’t come out… a close heavy will instead. That’s what i’m basing it on) so i don’t think there is a real risk of not being able to block before you go for your throw or anything.

And of course you can mix this up with the overhead or other really really stupid shit.

I’m not that good at this game but those are stupid little kyo tricks

one last thing

does anyone know the frame disadvantage from dp+ lk if it’s safe it’s a good way to get a little “suprise” guard damage on tall characters i would guess…

do you have any?

From when you touch down after the kick, you have a 15 frame disadvantage. From max distance this could be feasible but it’s not something you’d want to spam. xx qcf+mk mk, s.rh xx rdp+lk. If you do it right he will go into the overhead before your opponent lands and hit him when he lands. It’s pretty stupid because they can block and punish the overhead, and you give up free damage on the juggle. I just think it looks spiffy when done.,, small jump d+hp. mix up with walk up throw and more walk up Its ALOT faster than it sounds and since it knocks down, it’s super clean for more setups. if they block it, its pretty hard to punish so try and just do lp dp right when u land and ull get lots of people.

i like the rh throw trick.

c.lp xx one rekka on blocked opponent into lvl3 serpent wave always comes in handy when things are getting tight…