Stun Gun traps

post up basic and advanced traps for stun gun…powerful super but hard to connect on good players. The ones I usually use are

-when oponent jumps in
-after a whiffed move
-oponent throws fireball
-cancelled after a elbow dash

what do you guys usually do?

This is a decent way to set it up. With the oppenent in the corner do mp flash then cancel that into a medium stun gun. It will work sometimes.

Or even better. Just hit them with a Fierce Flash Chop and cancel into the jab Stun Gun.

Fierce flash chop is very slow, you should use the mp flash chop

the stun gunn traps own any one with out a dp :smiley:

yun with out ex
hugo with out super
necro with out super
u get the idea :cool:

Well-timed jab beats that shit.

what about a mashed jab? ;D

you can time the elbow smash and hit them when there in the air and combo the stun gun(distance stun gun depends where you are in the screen) it will grab them out of the air and combo. but there is really no right way to set it up. unless you combo your move. you really have to see how your oppnents play to catch them. anyone can hit you out of it or evade it

Sorry, I have to disagree with you there. Hugo can always do a backbreaker (dp + k) and it will grab Alex out of SA3 every time. The only way Alex can grab Hugo with SA3 is if Hugo is doing a move or something.

elbow smash , stungun

elbow smash opponent out of air into stungun…i’ve seent his work for dc but does it also work in the arcade?

elbow smash , stungun

yes it combos on arcade, only if you knock em out of the air and distance the stun gun correctly. sometimes its luck to grab em but its wtf moment when he does because you can totally fuck up your opponent. Alex is #1

well im a hugo player and alex player. and if u do a move like the flash cancel into sa3 hugo cannot dp grab him out of it… it will come out but alex will still grab him

IIRC, Hugo’s st jab doesn’t work, instead use low jab.

I don’t know about that. I’m pretty sure if you do the dp grab as a reversal it will still work. Even a clothesline with work most of the time.

I’d have to test it though to be absolutely certain.

Well, it all depends if the Flash Chop connects. Fierce Flash Chop xx Jab StunGun is a combo. If you’re talking about putting Hugo into blockstun and then doing the StunGun, I’m pretty sure Hugo can AirGrab him. arcticninja has done this many a times when I did the forward Elbow xx StunGun. I’m not totally sure about the Flash Chop’s stun, but I don’t think it’s a lot different than the Elbow. The StunGun in general is not hard to escape if the guy is doing it off blockstun. Even slow characters like Hugo have ways out of this. Other characters with more dangerous option can severly smash you up if you try this on them (ie. Ryu w/ShinShoryuken)

cant you just like, dash under alex if you are in flash chop block stun and he will wiff stungun?

depends which stun gun setting is used if jab is used you can’t dash under but you can dash back …

really? not even charactes w/ a faster dash like urien or ryu or uhh… makoto? seems like me and everyone i know have dashed under that thing everytime.

does the strengeth of the chop matter for block stun? or should you always use ferice?

chop doesnt matter , if people dash a lot use the jab stun gun works for me…

The jab stun gun does not work against Makoto when she dashes forward.