Stun Combos

I decided to make a new topic for this so we can find the info easily in the future instead of searching through a 60 page post

This is one area I’ve neglected over the years at optimizing. So far I’ve only used jHP, HP, cHP for stun. But has anyone done a good bit of research on best stun combos:

-From standing or crouching without charge
-From crouching with charge
-The 2 examples above with no meter, 1 bar, and 2 bars
-From a focus (which probably would be the same as from crouching with charge)

well, if the starting normals don’t matter…

no charge
CH, ST or cl.hp, or cl.hp, cr.hp (300)
CH, lk ST, ex ST (370)
cl.hp x ex fba (claw hit), ex ST(400) wall only

with charge x ST (300)
cl.hp x ex rcf, (390)
cl.hp x ex rcf, x ex fba (435)

from lvl 3 FA (same as with charge)

bonus 3 meter (wall only)
cl.hp x ex rcf,, ex fba, ex st (480)
with focus lvl 3 FA (536)

some interesing tidbits, ex fba (345), cr.lp, ex fba (355)
both do same damage - 259

cr.lp, x ex fba (295)
2x cr.lp x ex fba (305)
3x cr.lp x ex fba (315)
all do same damage - 219
4x cr.lp x ex fba (320) but only 216 damage

ex ST after a wall dive claw will always give more stun, max 50 stun bonus

crMK stHK has the same amount of stun than clHP crHP, its 1f easier with 30 less damage and you can combo from further since its not a close move. Yeah, clHP’s stun sucks.
Obviously it may whiff on some crouching opponents, but anyway its an option.

So pretty much the same bnbs we use anyway looks like