Stun combos and follow throughs?

i was just wondering what are possible stun juggles for ibuki and also and how do u initiate them before the stun occurs.

after that whats the best combo to do when they are stunned with sa and without?

Look up the ibuki mix up video on you tube for some ideas on stum combos. Basically in the corner you want to hit jab and f+HK a lot. LOL.

As far as best combo to do when they are stunned…

Without SA: j.HP, s.MK, hcb+HP.

With SA: j.HP, s.MK, hcb+HP.

Ibuki’s so easy mode weeee!!

In close, s.Lp, s.MP (2hits), c.Hk, s.HK-Super Jump, j.HP, s.Mk, HCB-HP

if your talking about the mix tape i saw it already but all of his juggles began from the computer jumping. i don’t think thats very practical since when someone is close to be stunned they wouldn’t be be jumping around, i was thinking air launch with s.FK but it pushes you back way to much

It doesn’t connect. But it’s nice to use at the corner too because you can crossover with the super jump I think. Well, don’t know if you can, but I usually just hit them or land and then try to crossover after.

which part doesnt connect? it worked for me a lot last night, on Urien, guess it depends on ur opponent

The combo does work but it’s not really a stun combo. All this combo really is doing is waiting for the person to fall down after they are stunned…then going for j.HP, s.MK to hcb+HP. I’m guessing that part just wasn’t mentioned. Which still is technically a combo but not really a stun combo since none of it involves hitting the stunned opponent while they are airborne.

Most of Ibuki’s more practical stun combos are pretty basic. Basically like tacking on a 2 hit air chain or s.LP, f+HK after they go airborne from the c.HK, s.HK chain. She doesn’t really have anything flashy or seriously damaing unless you catch the opponent out of the air. Least not that I’ve seen. Unlike characters like Makoto who can literally hit you in the air for days after her SA2. You normally just let the person fall after one or 2 hits and then go for her damaging jump in combo.

I just do LP -> MP -> HP xxx EX neckbreaker or hcb+HP to look flashy (EX neckbreaker does like 1 point less damage than HCB+HP when doing this combo)

Another flash one I like to do is:

J.Hp -> f.MK -> -> HP raida ( I think it connects, havent done this one in a while)

To stun I use:

LP -> MP (two hits) -> c.HK -> HK

fills the stun meter like a motherfucker

and DJ whats good about F.HK? I see you use it a lot in the c3 vids I saw of you. I always get stuffed when I used it.

ohh, the one i posted was kinda “follow through”

the f.HK is a good to use when ur opponent is just getting up from the ground, its REALLY quick, and at least three in succession is granted stun.

f+HK works because it hits a lot of characters when they are doing crouching attacks. Especially shotos. It is also Ibuki’s longest ranged standing normal. Even against characters that completely duck under it, it can still be used as a counter to some of their standing attacks and used as bait for pokes or getting people to move in on you. If timed right it can also jump over some fireballs and simultaneously hit the opponent in the face.

So if I’m facing a Ken, who likes to C.MK a lot. Ibuki will most likely do a split and hit Ken in the face?

Yeah…unless you time it a bit off then it may whiff. Otherwise the hit box of f+HK is perfect for hitting shotos out of low pokes. Which is why it’s best to use the move from almost outside low poke range. So that if you do mistime it the chances of you getting punished are lower. As long as you’re not being insanely predictable it works rather well when you expect a low poke. Better players will look to parry it down but it is tough to parry on reaction and you can mix it in with f+MK to throw off their parries.