Student In Need Of Help

I am preparing for graduate school and need all of the help I can get. If everyone could please head on over to this site and take a read about me and what the page is about it would be a HUGE help! Thank you in advance to everyone who at least takes a look at the link.

You haven’t explained what the link is, so why would I click…

It takes you to my personal donation website. It has a bit of information about me, and allows anyone willing to spare some money to donate to me so I can go to grad school without taking out anymore excessive loans. My family has always been in a state of financial burden, so I am trying to avoid an even worse situation as the years go on. I hope you can take a minute or two to take a look at the page, and thank you for reading this either way.

Dude, massive debt is what post high-school education is all about. People go through it anyway in the hopes that they’ll land a dream job and pay it back. If your family is broke, college for fun/without a specific GUARANTEED payoff is dumb. And since graduate schools don’t even give you a masters’ degree…wow. What led you to that choice? I mean, from what I read, people in graduate school usually already have a Bachelor’s. If THAT wasn’t getting you better pay, the logical thing would be to abandon that plan, and find something that paid off.

I read, I donated.

No I didn’t, seriously get a part time job

Don’t go to graduate school. Not until after you get some actual working experience in your field.

this is doomed to fail

This is either:
[]A really good bot.
]A shitbag in the making
[*]A scam
I see no possible good coming out of this.

100% truth. In my opinion, do not fucking bother with Graduate program unless:
(a) You already have a bachelor’s degree and in a SECURE job and almost done paying your undergrad degree loans.
(b) Your rich.

Which field are you getting your master’s in and which schools have you applied to? We some learned niggas up in this site so you’re gonna have to give some good ass info to get us to bite.

someone close this please! This should be against the rules. If this person is real…have some dignity!

Biomedical engineering, are you sure you won’t get grant money right off the bat for the first year while you find a research project to cover the remaining time?

Engineering generally has a lot of money.

Which schools are you applying to?

I am also worried about your heart condition, why did you need to go onto daily medication related to your heart’s birth defects? The surgeries correct the defects but left your heart vulnerable to something else?

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Just seems a little bold to ask people to pay for your graduate school education regardless of your situation. If I could afford graduate school I’d go, but I can’t so I don’t. I’m not gonna ask for donations for a luxury expense though.

ummm, what?

…hoping every time, that the next leap will be the one home.

@ Thurst: What?