Stuck at the "Change the Music" menu after season 2 update

So this is what I see when booting up after the new update.

No buttons are getting me past this menu. I have restarted the game, I have restarted the PS4, and still nothing. Anyone else have this issue?

All is well. I had to do a few more restarts and it started working for some reason.

I have this problem on PC, I cant get past this screen, nothing works??? help somebody!?

restarted steam like 5 times, then it worked :slight_smile:

Capcom hates us. LOL.

It’ll work the first time, you just have to wait like 5 minutes before the first screen goes away automatically, i had the same problem, no matter the button i pressed on my stick or keyboard i couln’t get past this, so i just waited and then it moved on eventually.