Stryfe's Uprising Part 2 results. 3/26 Vernon, CT Battlegrounds Arena

Marvel vs Capcom 3 singles:

  1. Essex
  2. Illwill
  3. PlotArmor
  4. Korikai
  5. Kryonik
  6. Chavo
  7. LuckyD
  8. Godhand
  9. BigJuice
  10. BlueNine
  11. Kryptic
  12. Zorin
  13. Sungod
  14. Vyers
  15. FateDash
  16. Hippie
  17. Baka
  18. MoonDoggie

Super Street Fighter 4 Singles:

  1. AsianTom
  2. CP
  3. LuckyD
  4. TH8 Vigilante
  5. SuperJ
  6. BlueNine
  7. Zoob
  8. Neroy
  9. Kona
  10. Hippie
  11. Domo
  12. Cecil
  13. FateDash
  14. Gusto

Super Street Fighter 4 Teams:

  1. TGF1
  2. TGFA
  3. Man.Bear.Pig
  4. Fast
  5. Essex Cheeseburger
  6. ThunderCats
  7. Shake n’ Bake
  8. TK Sungod
  9. Bolt CuttersGuilty Gear Accent Core Singles:
  10. BlueNine
  11. Nuclear Cheese
  12. Nazgul
  13. Mindgame
  14. Furok
  15. Vyers
  16. Noisetank
  17. Dr. Onblast
  18. Kona
  19. Zoob
  20. JD
  21. SenzuriACTIONWOMAN
  22. Tales

Arcana Heart 3 Singles: (side tournament)

  1. Principle Butt Savage
  2. LPT
  3. Kona
  4. Nuclear Cheese
  5. Tales
  6. Danny
  7. Waffle Stomper
  8. BlueNine
  9. Baka
  10. PR Flow
  11. Zorin

Guilty Gear Accent Core Singles:

  1. BlueNine
  2. Nuclear Cheese
  3. Nazgul
  4. Mindgame
  5. Furok
  6. Vyers
  7. Noisetank
  8. Dr. Onblast
  9. Kona
  10. Zoob
  11. JD
  12. SenzuriACTIONWOMAN
  13. Tales

Guilty Gear Teams:

  1. Flipper, Slimer, Slayer (BlueNine, Mindgame, IllWill)
  2. Gnome Metal Gods Symphony Orchestra (Vyers, Nazgul, Nuclear Cheese)
  3. Kona’s name is J (Kona, Furok, Tales)
  4. Electronic Sassy Tapdancing Sensations by Dawn (Zoob, Dr. Onblast, Noisetank)

Thank you everyone for coming. Definitely going to be more of these Uprisings in the future!

Thanks for running stuff! Good to see a lot of you Eastern Mass and CT peeps I don’t get to see often. Also, can I get you to correct Fade Dash’s and Justo’s names on the results thread?

I should have the pictures I took up sometime tomorrow on Project-Failure . Great job with the tournament Stryfe.

Did no one from CT play SSF4 singles? ._.

Most of us got there too late to enter.

Me kryonik and godhand got there too late to enter singles.

Good games to everyone I played can’t wait for the next one.

Good games, very well run Stryfe!

Good stuff! I did in this than Sunday in Lowell.

Were teams top 3 get money? If so I am owed some money.

GGS! Hopefully the CT Community finds a new venue, im sure you will, always fun seeing the CT and west MA guys.
Sorry tom, i think teams was just top 2
thx stryfe!


The payout was for top 2 since there weren’t that many teams.

Lucky~ Thanks for coming down! I’m considering moving to a venue in Willimantic, CT. There’s also one called Hall of Gaming in Wallingford, but it’s pretty small and lacks CRTs.

AsianTom~Thank you =) Congrats again on taking first in Super, and I hope you guys will come back down for another Uprising.