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Hey all, I’m getting into digital colouring and just did up an Akuma. Need to work on my colouring skills I think, so there’ll be more to come.

nice. do you have a grounding in traditional media? I’m guessing yes.

Akumazel tov

“Oi these GOI-Hadooukens are hurting my fingahs, they hurt very very bad, I have ki energy coming out of my nostrils, oi”

It’s a good drawing I just find his nose to be a little Holy Land.

Lol “more to come” 6 months ago… terrible. After being really busy with school I’m finally done and can devote time to art. Trying to improve my painting skills and this is one of the pieces that came out of it. Looking at it after its done helped me see a lot of flaws in how I paint but I guess that leaves a lot of things to learn and practice!
Rook: Yeah I’ve pretty much only ever spent time in a sketchbook with a pencil. I’ve studied some anatomy books and whatnot. I’ve been lurking around and have loved your stuff for what must be at least 6 or 7 years now. Thanks man!
Karimloo: LOL yeah didn’t even notice it that way. He’s got chi coming out of every orifice…EVERY ONE. Thanks.

The forum isn’t quite as bumpin as it used to be! That doesn’t mean the sf fanart stops flowing though! I was feeling unhappy with the first ryu I did so I sort of redid it. Alongside that is the red cyclone. Grapplers are so fun.

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Here is a Chun Li I did, I think I’m getting a better grasp of colors. I liked the look of keeping the lines. I never really played her in any games though, but she looks so damn cool in umvc3. Too bad she’s too fast for my fingers.
*May as well use these mistake posts for more art! :S

Really had fun with this one! Learned a little bit I think between Chun Li and this painting. I eventually loved the matchup of sim vs sagat. So many options to navigate tiger shots. A successful yoga tower always feels good.

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Good work, this Sagat is your best one yet, love the lighting on him and his expression

Thanks for commenting on my thread :slight_smile:

very nice work on the Sagat pic! love the warmth of the colors and the backlighting :slight_smile:

So much personality and impact in your work, love it.

That Sagat in particular really stands out, as well as Chun Li’s playfulness.

Love the akuma art, wish i could do that :stuck_out_tongue:

loving that chun. good stuff!

that sagat is intimidating! great artwork