Strider help?

can anyone hook me up with some usefull strider combos?

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gouki10: Please shut the hell up, the only posts I’ve seen by you are horrible and stupid and don’t make any sense. So please. Shut Up. He asked for Strider combos. Not how to play Sent/S/D you dumbshit.

ImKiller: Some searching will help you, I know you are new, but you really should search before asking, Striders only really “different” combo is his double jump combo, which you can learn about in the other threads.

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Launch -> sj.lp -> -> very slight pause -> -> slight pause -> -> double jump -> dj.lp -> -> -> -> end with either qcf.lp or slight pause to throw

thnx for the help guys and sorry for my dumbass friend that dosent know how to keep his mouth shut thnx again for the help guys