was wondering if storm would be good as a third char, cuz i cant really get the hang of sent, and is there anyone else i could try as a third char? and how does one play a solo strider?

Yeah, storm could be a good third character. She could build meter for Strider, DHC into Hailstorm, she has good assits, you can chip with doom, and runaway if you have the lead. You still have no vertical AAA which could help you stop a flying Sent or another runaway storm. Have you tried CapCom or Cyc as a thrid character or even Cable? You can try cable but the whole team could guzzle down the meter quickly. To me playing a solo strider would depend on the situation, but usually I would rush down with strider by using teleports safely and dashing in. If I was winning with strider and time was short, I would runaway by sj and wall jump straight up, or you can call orbs and throw tigers and birds.

nope have not tried that setup at all, but ive tried using, strider/storm/cammy before , but yeah i might need the aaa, i keep getting smacked by sents stomp when he’s on fly mode, oh yeah, when fighting cable, ive heard this but never succesfully done it, about his charge move with the bird that drops a bomb, how do u know which one to use? i mean cant cable just jump in to get closer , and when is a safe time to do it?

in my experience (which isn’t a lot), the all-around best team is strider/cyke/doom. cyke/doom can dish out good chipping. with doom/cyke, it’s safer since people who rushdown would be apprehensive of cyke’s AAA. it’s a well-rounded team. the only downfall i can see is that if/when doom dies, it falls apart. with strider/sent/doom, you can still keep an effective lockdown with just strider/sent. but, the lack in AAA really does hamper the team.




Team Clockw0rk.

Omega builds meter, then get Strider in there to finish everything.


I’ve played this team before, it’s really good but you gotta run with Storm to build meters for Strider. The only problem with his team is, Storms assist is not Sentinels assist. She doesn’t cover areas that Sentinels assist would, which means Strider gets rush the fuck down.


Meter HUNGERY!!! But Cable/Doom is very effective.


I played this team once… and it’s not the greatest it’s effective.


No other Strider team is as effective as this. Sentinel provides the muscle that this team really needs. Also Sent’s assist REALLY helps Strider w/ resets, set ups, also is good for keep away with Striders’ Zoo.

If anything, Sentinel is the MUST learn character now… so go out and learn him. He’s not that hard to fight with, start out very basic. c.fp xx fly xx unfly, c.fp xx fly, fly back frying pan… stuff like that is the roots of basic Sentinel zoneage. From there you may learn as you go.

how do u play sent though? the guy is powerful as fuck, but i have no clue what to do with him, im not used to playing his speed, and is there any way to combo into a launch? clock uses OR? would it be possible to fit cammy in this team as a aaa?

Strider/Doom teams need someone that can do most of the job, that’s were Sent comes in, he can get maybe 60% of the job done, then Strider/Doom finishes…that’s also the reason why Strider/Doom/AAA teams don’t work too well.

Also, Strider benefits(needs) from a battery(Sent in this case)…in a Strider/Doom/AAA team, Strider doesn’t have a battery character.

So to answer your question: Yeah, Strider/Doom/Cammy is an ok team, but you will have to work ever so much for your wins…maybe TOO much.

hmm., guess ill have to try both teams, but to play with cammy is still winable right?

start out slow

c.fp, xx fly, xx unfly or c.fp, xx fly, flyback fierce, unfly assist. These are effective moves but also useful to practice to get a hang of fly xx unfly. Start from there, hell… I suck w/ Sentinel, but learning him pays off because he is the best character in the game.

…i thought storm was…

Some see it as Storm others see it as Sent and yes having cammy is still winable. BshidoHEAT: Whats wrong with cyke being on the team? I think this is a real good team.

say ur fighting sent, do u mix up the dog and bird? btw if i do use sent, should he be my second char or last? same question for storm

The thing about Strider/Doom, is that Strider is so fragile, and easy to kill… if you kill Strider a massive come back is needed from X person and Doom. This is also why Sentinel is the best character for this team.

He can get you in the lead, or take it back, he’s the work horse of the team.

The problem with Cyc/Doom is

  1. Sharing meter between chipping MOB, or Ourbs
  2. Comebacks.
  3. Cable whores.

Like I said, it’s a good team, I don’t think it’s the greatest.

Yeah, I see. I just keep switching between cyc and Sent all the time.

u guys by any chance have any vids of clocks team, using sent, or OR or using anyone else?

There’s some in the MVC2 media section of SRK, other than that not too much footage you can get online.

really sorry i keep asking questions, but for sent, how do i use his assist? do i use it to chip?

If I tell you anymore, you’ll be limiting your game by what I say…
It’s best if you try some stuff out on your own, but the general strategy for Strider/Sent is to ward people off with the Zoo Animals and Drones and Bombs.