Streets of Rage Avatar request (you probably want to read this idea, it's hot)

Usually I have OC do my avs, but he’s dissappeared or refuses to do anything for me anymore. Heck, i can’t even get the old Castlevania av from him, I liked that one. This was supposed to be my final av, and it’s something I’d love even if it’s not an av (rather as an oversized gif).

Here’s the idea. Axel and a bunch of punks are playing at an arcade machine, in the arcade stage, stage 2 of sor 2. you see axel next to a Y Signal, and a line of garcias/donovans behind them. First some cheesy dialogue: Y Signal complains “Stop throwing, it’s cheap” and the punks concur behind him. Y Signal gets angry and simply chucks Axel, and now we get a cool “Tech Hit!” message and axel simple falls through the enemies and lands on his feet. Then he walks up to the Y Signal, makes a suitably cool taunt/one liner, and then you see the VC activation/the blue stuff gathers on his hands, and now the second cool part, after he activates just loop the first few frames of the grand uppercut and maybe even have him say “sho sho sho.” Finish it up with another super flash, and either use the 3 star bare knuckle from SOR3, or something else that resembles a super.

I doubt this will fit, and I don’t know if its easy to understand what I’m thinking of in print. But if this was made into a gif/av, I do think people would love it. Like I said, at this point, I don’t care too much about the av, I just think this would be a hot flash type thing. Someone PM me or what not or respond in this thread if you’re interested. Sprites/screen shots should be fairly easy to get from some websites around the net, but I can help look obviously.

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idea is pretty broke back mt.