Streetfighter Homepage - Useful tool

As community spirited as I am, and the fact that I got sick of having to go through bookmarks to get to all the good SF2 stuff I keep looking at, I’ve created a homepage with all the best and most useful SF2 HD Remix info (To me at least!) in one place - including a google search.

Thought I’d share it with you - use the make homepage button if you like it.



I’ve now fixed the search engine so it works, I’ve removed the make hompage button as modern browsers don’t allow it and I’ve re-jigged things around a bit.

Any suggestions on improvements or additions?

no beef, but aethetically it looks terrible (as does the guide site, black and yellow is very 1997)

Hmmm, fair comment - they are both able to be improved on that front - I’m not a graphics artist though or professional web designer [[Just in case you hadn’t guessed :slight_smile: ]]

I’m just trying to create useful pages with good information and useful links on them.

I picked yellow on black because it’s easy to read and felt like it was in the spirit of streetfighter for some reason. I picked comic sans as the font for the same reason.

I do wan’t to swap the text links on the homepage site for nice graphical ones, but I am awful and slow at making graphics unfortunately.

How specifically do you think I can improve both sites? Apart from content I mean - what I’m really aiming for is to build up a massive resource of information over an extended period of time that evolves by having a lot of contributors. The content is a loooooong way off at the moment - I suppose I’m reasonably happy with the Vega page for starters, and the DeeJay and Honda Primers are good for starters - the rest is either not great or non-existant. At the moment - that will change given time.

I’ve added a Chun Li section, but it’s only a basic primer, probably not useful to anyone unless they are totally new to SF2 and want to play Chun.

I’ve added David Sirlins Playing to win page to the links and guides layer - always a useful reference.