StreetFighter Artworks

Just ran into some stuff I finished a while ago and forgot to post it here for all street fighter fans.

Enjoy guys:)

I think you won the contest.

I hardly ever ever post on the forum. Usually I’m just lurking in the shadows…

But, wow, that is absolutely amazing.

That’s a pretty nice painting. Small crit would be to get rid of the chandelier in the corner. Stick with the green lighting and tone it down. Draws way too much attention from the focal point. Maybe even bump up the value of that painting back there. It has the same depth as the ornate design around the framing. Other than that great stuff man.

it is a very good painting but i dont think the out of costume vega looks like how an out of costume vega would be.

lol, thanks

Why thank you for this priceless comment dude, means a lot!

Thanks for your input bro. The chandelier is what makes the painting have a great composition, makes it well balanced, however I might switch the chandelier blue color to something thats not contrasting. As for the painting in back, i purposely blurred it out so it did not not distract the main focal point. Glad you liked it!

Just my interpretation. First time I heard this. How would you interpret it then?

So amazing.

err, i dunno.
he just seems too gentlemanly and unspanish.

Dude, that’s awesome.

Good work.

Thats incredible, not a fan of Vega, but that looks awesome!

So excellent! Bravo!

This is truly amazing.

It captures Vega perfectly man. It’s so believable that he would just stand around at the mirror and imagine himself being awesome all the time.

Thanks for all the great comments guys! Much appreciated it, I will start working on a new piece soon! Btw for anyone interested the process is as follows:
1 Hand drew the characters along with part of background
2 Scanned , edited in photoshop
3. Painted the bulk of it in Painter using the basic color to block in most of painting
4 Used the Real Oil Shorts (still in Painter) to create that painterly look
5. Went back to PS and further edited proportions and colors
6. Finally I went back to Painter to create lightning and ambiance

Took me ~ three weeks during my free time to complete.

That is an insanely good picture.

Man…I’m sure the praise here is already swelling your head, but not only is that piece amazing, it has inspired me to give a finished Vega piece a shot. Thanks.

Nice. Props not only for the work that went into it, but to think up of such a fitting scenario for a character. Haha, it’s so cool.


That is probably the best response any artist can get. Thank you for that dude! You made my day as well! I would love to see your Vega art and if possible give some pointers.

Glad someone thinks scenario goes w Vega! Thanks for the support man:)

love the pic. nice concept, great execution.
suggestion though – perhaps desaturate the colors on the painting behind his head? Would make it read better as background, if you did that.

Thanks, I desaturated as you suggested (a little but still noticeable) Def looks better!