Street Fighter Yellow Boards (beta/rent versions)

Just wondering who has played any Beta versions of SF games and what were some of the differences, ive been trying to find beta/proto/rent version roms but with no luck, only found one for cota, i have seen in XvSF beta magneto has an extra super and in mshvsf dan has an extra super, also heard charlie has a roll in Alpha 2 beta, Anyway just interested to see whos played some beta versions and what they are like.

what’s magnetos extra super like?

^apparently you can access it with the help of cheats on mame. not sure how though. anyone?

Nah you cant get it with cheats, you need to “hack” the rom, whatever that means, anyway the magneto super is like a magnetic shockwave but its verticle, and dans super is like his hurricane kick on the same spot.
I seen the Dan super in Marvelicious 2 trailer, and the Magneto one on the Marvelicious 2 2nd trailer.

It’s very rare to find Beta boards for Capcom games, unless someone gets them directly for Capcom. And like that’s impossible, some beta games are very interesting to get like ST, A1/A2, MSH, and XMvsSF.

I still remember some ST beta stuff like Ryu totally safe Super animation, Blanka forward hop passing fireballs…I don’t remember much. A2 had more invincible CC startup frames…A1 had an extra move for Guy’s kick dash, Charlie had less recovery on sonic booms and Adon jaguar kick super variations worked !!

Oh Super SF2 beta had CPS1 sound effects. :stuck_out_tongue:

vertical shockwave would be BROKE IMO… xx vertical shockwave, massive easy mixup as they’re falling…

cool, great post, you got to play ST, A1 and A2 beta? lucky guy, wish i could get my hands on some of them xD

cvs2 beta (with ex moves) being released would be sick :open_mouth:

i really wanna get my hands on some Beta version of games, since making combos for the games out now is getting harder and harder to make up new ideas, but if i could do some combos for a beta version, it would open up alot more windows.

It’d be real cool if Capcom included the Beta versions of the Alpha games on the Alpha collection. They won’t, of course, but it sure would be cool :frowning:

cvs2 beta has ex moves!? why the fuck did they get rid of them!?

unfortunately not too many of the beta romsets have been dumped for emulators since they’re so hard to find.

What about the “sample” version of SFA3? It seemed to have gotten a bit of distribution before the “official” release. There were a couple bugs, like if you activated a VC the graphic display of the bar going down looked all glitchy. If you pushed down+PPP with Cody to pick up the knife but you weren’t close enough to pick it up, you lost all your super meter.

other stuff… V-Cody’s dodge worked on a lot more attacks, Karin and Cammy had bufferable Crouching Forwards, X-Karin had a lower jump (?), Karin’s double elbow attack was a charge move… hmm, I don’t remember too many of the other changes.

Mag’s hidden super.

who made the vid? can you ask them?

I’m bumping this 10 year old post because the beta (sample) version of street fighter alpha 3 is now available, that was originally set up at E3 (1998?), where John Wilson (or was it Jason Wilson?) was racking up 50 game win streaks with Honda and someone unlocked Balrog and did the same. Honda was balanced in this version although Balrog was damage broken. Those streaks caused Capcom to overnerf Honda to the point of uselessness while Balrog was viable in tournaments if you were an old school Balrog main.

If Honda hadn’t been nerfed pointlessly, he would have been C+ or maybe B tier instead of the worst champion in the game. Removing the ground attack property for Honda’s initial frames of his headbutt (when he was still on the ground, thus it could not be air blocked) part of his flying headbutt was the most absurd nerf in history.

The E3 sample version of street fighter alpha 3 was dumped and added to mame 0.165 last year, for anyone who wants to mess around with it.

wish i could see that dont see how honda could have been good honda all around sucks in alpha 3 everyone else just has to many tools to use against him

Very interesting stuff, thanks for bringing this up.