Street Fighter X Tekken X King Of Fighter Doujinshi Project

Hello for every fighting fans. I supose you hear about all three game series

I decide to fusion them into one world with much stories of characters and have one big storyline wnd story arc

And thats one of story arc.
Where Rugal are main antoganist
Millioner from Germany who obsessed by his wish of immortality and he succefull that goal and you will know later . How he do that

Our three heroes
Ryu, Jin and Kyo meet him in his own skycreaper


Can I get teh teamz? :smiley:

if i found reason why they should be together

i have big planes, but i should say. Im author of idea and i found artist , he is very pretty nice… but of course need some cash.I pay for him myself but then manga will be going very slow

and i willbe thankfull if someone interested and want to help me to donate to this manga
for thanksgiving of your help, i can listen your wish for ideas for character confrontation

As example of work quality ! this is not main but just to make you understand quality level

Open a Patreon or Kickstarter, man? That would be great :smiley:

Kazuya vs Iori is a must :wink:

Yes i prepare to open, when i will understand about rewards system… of Patreon
Kickstarter not a variant cuz my country not include for it

Kazuya vs Iori Yagami you say… Hmm well its all possible even i can ask opion of reason why and how they have confrontation

Keep up the good work man.

Hope people will follow and tell others member of this groul

They fight because they’re fighters and they’re on a street or a tournament.

Kazuya is typically not going to fight anyone unless they’re in his way, and the same goes for Iori unless Kyo is somehow involved.

I’m pretty sure Rugal’s magic eye is his right one, not the left.

Aside from that, just have the main players from each franchise and not piss off the fanbases with weird ships or simply disrespect [details=Spoiler]like KOF Destiny[/details] I had my fair share of chinese KOF comics so I’ll keep an eye in this one too. Good luck on your work.

As for Iori x Kazuya, like said above, just have Kazuya wanting to beat up Kyo for some reason and have both him and Iori coming to the same place at the same time.

About his cyber eye im orient at some snk arts. And sometines cyber eye at different sides

I will try… i understand this manga should not have one or 3 heroes
Its should be always different

Hm. Okay about Iori and Kazuya
Shoud he have orochi mode ?


Also i want add another games to this universe
Or martial art manga. Grappler baki)

I will start storyline from SF 2 - Tekken 3 - koF 96

Maybe you saw some flipped arts? His official profile is pretty consistent and it says that he took Heidern’s right eye after Goenitz took his. The ingame artwork also depicts him like that.


As for “Orochi” Iori, he only enter in this state(Riot of the Blood) when the Orochi presence is nearby somehow. Be it triggered by an actual clan member (Goenitz, Yashiro/Shermie/Chris or even Orochi himself) or his presence being just too strong like Leona in KOF2003 and Iori in KOFXI. Even if it looks like he can trigger the state during his Climax in KOFXIV, I think only Leona can canonically tap in that power a little during her supers in KOFXIII and XIV. It’s just something he doesn’t really have control over like Yashiro, Shermie and Chris for example.

I have no idea about Tekken’s story aside from fathers and sons hating each other.

Hmm. Anyway i will change some stories
Some will save

iw anna show you sketch of page, Balrog vs Heavy D from King of Fighter

anybody is here ?