Street Fighter X Tekken PC Contest Thread!

Post why you want to play Street Fighter X Tekken on PC!

I don’t have room for a TV/Console setup in my dorm room

Learn fighting game fundamentals because umvc3 isn’t great for that

the new patch is cool i guess

Marvel’s too good to take out of my disc tray, having to swap out Injustice and Marvel is traumatic enough. Let me just play a game straight from my hard drive in glorious 2560x1440 res like SSF4 ;_;

The patch single handedly created/ revived a scene larger than the original iteration did I really want to at least try it out the game everyone’s making a big fuss about even after a year.
I’ll pay for the DLC, I promise!

I want to play Street Fighter x Tekken on PC because of all the crazy mods that are available. Along with this new patch, it is a completely different game than before. Show me them new alts and costumes mang!!!

I want to be able to play it with people and not pay for xbox live

It’s easier for me to plug in my joystick to my PC that my XBox since my PC is closer to where I store my joystick.

I think it’s great, but I’ve never played the game pre-patch so I don’t really have anything to compare to.

Haven’t played the game since pre patch because of xbox live ran out. Would like to see how my team feels after the patch.

The new patch has finally made this game appealing to me, with the gameplay overhauls that sped up the pace a bit. I’m really interested in trying out this game now, it’s much more footsie-based. I want it on PC for the cool mods, too.

I want to play Street Fighter x Tekken in 2013 on PC because I feel the balance patch has addressed many issues that originally pushed me away from getting the game; the time outs, the recoverable life, etc. Since these issues have been addressed, I like more the new direction of the game.
Though my favorite character, JURI, has been nerfed quite a bit, I think Alissa would go well with Juri. So, I definitely want to play on Street Fighter x Tekken in 2013 on PC


So I can bring my laptop along and practice on my lunch breaks!

I want to play with my other friends that have PCs!

Want to practice some combos.

I’ve picked up Law when I first started SFxT and loved the character, despite the fact that his ground to air attacks were worthless. Made it to top 8 at NCR 2012, but dropped out of the game due to the 2v2 format…Now that the 2013 patch is out, I’ve been more excited about picking up the game again, and utilizing new tools and combos for Law. I’m also looking forward to fighting with other balanced characters who had been underestimated over the past year. Having the PC version will help refine my game even more, so I’m looking forward to it! =D

I have always supported PC as the superior gaming option and always will.

I would love to play this on PC because I have a few friends who play it on PC already. Would be nice to be able to play with them.

I like the changes they made to Sakura, but where’s R Mika??? BibleThump

because GEM$

To see if anyone on the PC got some Pandora combos! I barely see them on the console even with the buff to Pandora, but maybe the PCers aren’t afraid to do some crazy come backs.

I been dying to play this game but my friends kept saying don’t get it till the patch comes out, I looked at the forums for sfxt cause I was getting impatient and wanted to buy it asap, but everyone kept complaining, now that I see the patch is out I really want to get it, been dying for a fighting game for the past 5 months, recently stopped playing melty blood and I got a few friends who have sfxt for pc, so I want to play with them. Even if I don’t win, I plan on getting this game on the next sale, $70 seems too much at the moment with how long the games been out. So yea, I already got people I could play with, all I need is the game now. Stopped playing street fighter a few months ago so I really don’t have any other fighting games I’m on currently.

why would I want to play this game? simple to discover some cool tech in training mode.
How do I feel about the update: well the ability to easily combo into pandora is one, the throw buff is another and no more weak tekken anti airs. King air grab is now SWEET.

I want to play with skin mods. Can’t do that on console. Also netcode.