Street Fighter X Mountain Dew

My wife brings different flavored Mountain Dew all the time, and I’m a big Street Fighter Fan so I finally decided to put them together with some fun ads. I tried to match the sodas with characters that matched the name and color scheme of the soda. I would like to do one for each cast member of SSFIV:AE so some characters will wind up with the same flavor. Each character has their own “Tag Line/Slogan” for their ad. I hope you all like them, enjoy.

First Series

Second Series




Third Series: AMP

Forth Series

New Challenger II

Series Five

I forgot I made this one :stuck_out_tongue: **

Dude, these are fucking awesome. The Guile one made me crack up.

reserved for more later

Not fuckin’ bad.

Thanks a ton man, they were a lot of fun to make XD

:slight_smile: The logos need to be redone in vector art but as of right now they are fine XD

Second Series is up, hope you all like them. If you want to tag yourself in them on Facebook I have them uploaded there also.

Haha I just saw these on facebook where you tagged Mike Ross on the Honda one. Very awesome by the way.

You tag yourself on Ken? Haha pretty awesome! Yeah I wanted to make them for people in the community, so I’m trying to spread them over different places so people will get a chance to see them. Feel free to tag whoever you want on them if you know of a Pro player or just a fan of a character I don’t mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes indeed I did. Haha. You should try versions with the SfxT artwork. It would probably look great with the liquid effect they have going on.

I was actually going to with Guile’s but I made Oni’s first so I wanted to complete the AE characters, with the same style then Maybe do a SFxT set.

I figured after going through 10 I should add the Bonus Card/Poster as a New Challenger. So all you Akuma/Gouki Fans can Do the Dew! lol I’m so corny lol

Just Finished Series III: Cammy, Sagat, Ibuki, C.Viper, Seth Hope you all enjoy!

Haha, these are all so great. Especially love Viper’s slogan. I find it a little strange seeing Akuma as a diet soda enthusiast, though. Lol.

Also, holy shit, I didn’t know there were so many amp flavors!

Really awesome, couldn’t stop cracking up.

I guess Ryu is too poor to afford Mountain Dew. LOL

These are awesome.

Hahaha Thanks man, Yeah my wife actually made up Vipers. :stuck_out_tongue: Akuma was Diet because all the other flavors that used similar colors I already have plans for.

Don’t worry I’ve had Ryu’s in my brain for awhile just people have been requesting characters over facebook.

LoL I would love if they would just have some stock photos online for me to use cause I really don’t like the way some of the logos look and I don’t really want to spend the time on Vector art just to make them a bit less blurry, maybe once I get all the characters finished I’ll go back and make some cleaner logos.

Finished up Series Four: Guy, Dhalsim, Dan, Cody, M.Bison (Dictator) and added The 2nd New Challenger: RYU. Hope you all enjoy remember to tag your character on my facebook.

I accidentally made more than enough for a series soooo Zangief was added to Series Five lol didn’t want him just sitting around.

damn these are the shits! Ill be sippin on dat Overdrive pretty soon lol

those are very cool. My favorites are the Oni & Gouki ones.

Thanks, they are just for fun really. Yes Overdrive is gooooooood!

Those do look pretty good, glad you like them. The ones I’m most fond of are the Guile and Ryu ones though. They just seem right. XD

I also really like the Guy one, I just hope people get the play on words lol