Street Fighter vs. PlayStation - would you want it?

So now that the MARVEL and X-men liscences dont belong to Capcom anymore. They’ve been reduced to doing the VS series with Tatsunoko. No offense to Tatsunoto, but it’s obviously not very popular (atleast not in North America and Europe). Just being honest fellas. Dont be mad.

Why not do a project with Sony? Similar to Super Smash Bros where it has all the systems mascots and such, but using the SFIV engine?

Street Fighter vs. PlayStation

Take 10 of the most popular characters from Street Fighter, and 10 of PlayStation’s most popular characters… 5 hidden unlockable characters on each side. Backgrounds from both the Street Fighter world, and PlayStation world. Imagine Ryu doing a dragon punch on a Helghast on one of God of War’s beautiful ancient villas.

SF could have Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Blanka, M Bison, Balrog, Rufus, CViper, Akuma, Gouken, etc.

Sony could have Kratos, Drake, Ratchet, Cole from InFamous, a Helghast from Killzone2, Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, Nariko, Jak, etc…

Final boss at the end is one of the God’s from God of War, or Radec from Killzone2.

CAPCOM and SONY both win in this situation.

Capcom gets full profits and sells a ton of copies of the game. Fans on the PS games who dont normall play SF, are now introduced to the SF series. (If you doubt how well this game would sell, check out sales figures for SuperSmashBros)

Sony gets a kickass exclusive game featuring all their biggest characters. SF fans who never played games like Uncharted or Killzone are then introduced to their characters.

Win-Win situation for both companies.


This is a win-win idea! I love it :slight_smile: :tup:

Kratos uses his chain-sword-things to hit everyone from across the screen with no trouble. Fireballs sail over Ratchet’s head due to his height. IMBA

Street Fighter vs. Virtual Boy


This idea sounded kinda lame at first (sorry). But then I thought about how badass Sweet Tooth could potentially be, and it kinda made me swell up “down there”.

Make Kratos with the steel Lion Heads on his hands. That’s what he uses to punch in GOWIII. Bring out the chain-swords for Kratos Super and/or Ultra.

Make Ratchet slightly taller. Tall enough to get hit by a normal fireball. Yoda in Soul Caliber also sets somewhat of a precedent for having a shorter character in a fighting game.

We’re seriously having this thread? Seriously?

Yeah… Just a heads up, because you seem like a nice kid… I think you’ll find SRK a harsh mistress until you get how this place works, and the mentality about what threads are worthy of existing.
This thread is what many would call a “GameFaqs”-quality thread. Because these kinds of threads clutter the boards att gamefaqs in the millions.

BUT, that said…

If enough people answer seriously before anyone gets here to flame/derail, even a thread like this has a chance of survival. An interesting phenomenon that deserves a funny name.

Let’s watch.

Yeah, seriously… He fits right in there with the SF cast. I mean if Blanka and Rufus are doable in SF… Sweet Tooth would fit right in.

Cole from InFamous would be pretty sweet too, with all his powers.

Kratos…no brainer. He kicks ass and fits into a fighting game perfectly (is already featured in the new Soul Caliber PSP game)

Ratchet might be a bit hard to do because as someone mentioned before, his height… but also the fact that he uses all guns and weapons in his games… although then again - in MARVEL vs CAPCOM games they had Iron Man, Cyclops, etc… So Ratchet should work.

And besides, it has a real stupid title. Why not just SF vs. Sony? Or Capcom vs. Sony? Why vs. the Playstation? Am I gonna fight a PS 3 console? Will it beat me by cancelling my PSN suscription?

i want the autistic kid from twisted metal black who controls his dad’s corpse with a remote

Thanks for the heads up… honestly, if Capcom vs. Tatsunoko is possible… I’m sure anything is. :cool:

Transformers!! Robots in Disguise!!!

LOL! PSN doesnt need a subscription. You must be used to the 360, which requires a paid subscription for XBL every year.

PSN is FREE, all day every day.

Yea man, HIGH FIVE!

pherai knows whats up :smokin:

Isn’t this game already made?

Very true. But fuck a bunch of little elitist srk bitches, right?

In all seriousness, I don’t think that it’s quite a marketable idea. I mean, some of the characters you mentioned would be cool as fuck to see in a fighting game, but…

“Street Fighter vs Playstation”? I think the name alone would cause it to flop.

Ew. Everyone loses.

Sweet Tooth in the SFIV 3D-ish style would be creepy as hell.

Please change the title to like… capcom vs sony or something.

What the fuck is this shit? Seriously, take it to gamefaqs. I’m out this bitch.