Street Fighter V Character Stickied Threads -- Requests Here --

Hello, everyone.

By now, you’ve probably seen that I’ve created a default of at least 6 stickied threads in every character’s Forum in Street Fighter V:

General Thread
Beginner Thread
Combo/Tech Thread
Match-ups Thread
Video Thread
Q&A Thread

However, many people would like to be the OP (original poster) of threads so they can keep the first post updated with relevant information. Others prefer having multiple match-up threads, one per character, than one joined thread. Some people prefer having “Tech” and “Combos” in separate threads. And so on and so forth.

I am open to all of these. If there is anything you’d like requested of these particular SFV character forums, please do not hesitate to contact me here on the SRK forums. Just write your request here in this thread or send me a message directly here from my profile page:

I’ll do whatever I can to work with you guys. These are your forums. :slight_smile:

  • James

I created a thread “SFV Daily Challenges/Mission Unlock” thread that I’d like to be stickied so that everyone can get a quick answer to how to unlock the ambiguous daily challenge without having to sift through pages of the offtopic lounge.

Thanks for your consideration

Is there a timeline on when the frame date will be updated for the remaining DLC characters or are we waiting for season2?

We don’t know anything. Only thing we got is a playable build of akuma will be available in a few weeks.

If I had to guess timeline for season 2 roll out will be before final round in march 2017, should have news at capcom cup

Just curious, is there a tiers discussion thread? Capcom has made somes “odd” choices with some other aspects of the game (modes, some character aesthetics), I would wanna see them do anything odd with the 1 area most considered the bright spot of the game; the gameplay. Not to say theres any guarantee that anyone there will view such a thread, but it’d be nice to have a slice of the player base’s opinion on tiers out there. Have it rigorously discussed, etc. I was surprised not to see such a thread already there when I searched lol.

I meant the wiki hasn’t been updated with the Juri, Urien, Ibuki frame data.


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