Street Fighter V Change List

While I think it’s incredibly early to be making what is essentially a Season 2 wishlist, I’m going to throw it out there anyway. However, I’d like to clarify a few things about what I would like this thread to be…

What is this thread?

This thread is going to be a catalogue of varying opinions, that I will essentially add up into there different categories to see what people seem to care the most about. **This is NOT a thread to be debating people’s opinions. **That said, I expect most everyone here to have one post here for the most part, unless they have a change of heart or something. In-fact, if you change something, make a new post, so I can continue altering from there.

So what you can expect to see is something like this…

  • (4) Input delay reduced**

Along with many other topics, I’ll have them listed here, and the number in parentheses is how many people have similar opinions. Now, it is important to note that if you say, wanted the input delay to remain the same, that you don’t need to list that. By not having an opinion on it, we are assuming you are fine with it as it is. However, if you wanted to have input delay increased (why!?), then you could write that in, and it would be it’s own thing…

**- (4) Input delay reduced

  • (1) Input delay increased**

You can get as character specific as you like, but I would encourage things to remain a bit more broad, as to keep things a bit more simple. So say if you wanted… I dunno Ryu frame data changes, if you were to write that in a broad response, it would be…

- Ryu Balance Changes

If you however, wanted say… Ryu to be able to do something he currently can’t, like neutral jump tatsu, then while that it is technically a balance change, I would associate that more with this…

  • Ryu Versatility increased**

And if you just want universal balance changes, then you can write that in too.

I would like people to use my long opinions in my post below as an example for what I’d like, but essentially, list what you want, then below that, if you want to put more specific reasonings behind it, you can do so. The list being at the top of your post just makes it easier for me when I’m going through people’s opinions.

Street Fighter V Wish List Compilation

Current # of Pages of Opinions Done : 0
Last Opinion Included: cmt’s

  • (6) Input Delay Reduced
  • (1) Aerial Hurtboxes made to be more accurate/diverse
  • (5) Hit/Hurtboxes improved
  • (3) Netcode improvements
  • (1) Training Mode Improvements (Like actually remembering stuff you set!)
  • (1) New UI/HUD
  • (1) Music Choice Settings
  • (3) PC Options & Compatibility (Rebinding and so on…)
  • (1) Team play online mode
  • (6) Increased Character Options/Versatility
  • (7) Balance Changes
  • (2) Faster Walkspeeds for slower characters
  • (1) Overall faster game (Be it through damage increase, walk speed or dash speed increases)
  • (2) Throw tech window reduced
  • (1) Throw speed increased
  • (1) Throw tech time damage variance
  • (2) Increased versatility of V-skills
  • (1) Increased incentive to use V-skills
  • (1) Counter hit Anti-Airs to result in a juggle state regardless of CC potential.
  • (3) Secondary Super
  • (2) Secondary V-Skill
  • (2) Secondary V-Reversal
  • (2) More Fluff animations (like Ryu’s blocked heavy attacks)
  • (Everyone) Fix Survival Mode
  • (3) More in-game interaction between characters (custom intros, stage interactions when KOed and such)
  • (1) New Mechanic that uses 1 bar of V-gauge. (Non-specific)

Character Specific Stuff:

  • (1) Mika: V-skill improved
  • (1) Alex: V-skill improved
  • (1) Alex: AA game improved
  • (3) Cammy: Balance Changes
  • (1) Cammy: V-skill changed
  • (1) Cammy: V-trigger moves changed to have their own input
  • (2) Cammy: V-trigger effect while in use
  • (1) Cammy: Air Throw
  • (1) Cammy: f.HK Operates like FANG’s on CH
  • (1) Karin: Balance Changes
  • (1) Rashid: Balance Changes (Increase damage, AA ability as examples)
  • (1) Rashid: Increased wind interaction opportunities
  • (1) Ryu: Alter Target Combo Animation to look like Joudan
  • (1) Ryu: Provide an auto-follow-up to his parry if you hold the button down
  • (2) Zangief: Improve throw versatility (Like say giving him a back throw like Gouken’s or bringing back Atomic Suplex)
  • (1) Zangief: Improve Lariat
  • (1) Zangief: V-skill improved (Less white life for instance)
  • (2) Vega: Additional Target Combos (Like one which leaves him in claw stance, and one that brings him out of it)
  • (1) FANG: Balance Changes
  • (2) FANG: Improve Poison/V-trigger Utility/Purpose

(I have stuff to do, so I will add more later. For now, let’s get the ball rolling…)

  • Input Delay Reduced
  • Aerial Hurtboxes made to be more accurate/diverse
  • Hitboxes/Hurtboxes as a whole improved
  • Counter-hit Anti-airs to result in a juggle state regardless of CC potential.
  • Netcode improvements
  • Team play online mode
  • Increased Character Options/Versatility
  • Balance Changes
  • New Mechanic that uses 1 bar of V-gauge.
  • Increased versatility of V-skills
  • Increased incentive to use V-skills
  • Mika: V-skill improved
  • Alex: V-skill improved
  • Cammy: V-skill changed
  • Cammy: V-trigger moves changed to have their own input
  • Rashid: Increased wind interaction opportunities
  • Throw tech window reduced
  • Throw speed increased
  • Throw tech time damage variance

Input delay:

Let’s be honest, a more responsive game is just better. This is a game built around the basics of a fighter, so why build it in such a way which makes it harder to participate in those basics? There is no reason. A lot of the issues with this game will be resolved with the decrease in delay. More moves will be used, more effective non-jab anti-airs will be used, and people will punish things properly.

You can debate it all you like, but even in tournament play, I see even the best players in the scene not living up to their potential because of this delay. They may not complain publicly, but actions speak louder than words. Reactions are a huge part of fighting games, you should never make them harder – not for any twisted game design philosophy.

Aerial Hurtboxes:

Anti-air jabs only work because the hurtboxes in the air are static and rarely change regardless of the button you press. Even if it looks like your character is compressing his/her body, they are not really in the game. This is why jabs work so well. You are among the few if you are playing a character who has a normal that has a dynamic aerial normal, most do not. So, they need to change this. We have six buttons or more to be used in the air, but if they all do the same thing, why not just have 2? One that hits high, one that hits low. It would be the same thing as it is now.

**Counter-hit AA: **

This is something I think would increase the incentive to Anti-Air properly, while also posing a risk, as you would have to do a normal instead of a DP or something assured. Seems easy right now, but if they change the aerial hurtboxes, it wouldn’t be. So, while I’m putting this in broadly, I really only want this if they change the aerial hurtboxes/input delay.

Anyway, lots of ways this could work. They could even make the juggle state only happen for just more normals as a whole, I dunno. But I do think AAs need to be improved, while jumping also needs to be improved in it’s dynamic ability to balance it out.
New Mechanic that uses 1 V-gauge:**

Overall, I think the meter gain in this game is a bit wonky. Right now, if you’re winning a match, you really won’t get enough bar to use your V-trigger, which means you’re left with meter you can’t use. I would like them to add some sort of mechanic that can be used outside of blockstun.

This could be maybe a single use of a V-trigger ability, to some sort of counter move to catch wake-up jabs, or maybe even an alteration of EX moves, where you also burn a V-bar to do… something. Vague, yes, but, I also don’t want to ramble right this second. Things to do~
Increased versatility/incentive of V-skills:**

Most V-skills aren’t used, or are used very selectively. The meter gain on them is low, the incentive to use them is low, and overall they are mostly just subpar special moves tied to two buttons. There’s some good ones there, but most are pretty blah and uninspired. So, I would like to see a lot of them changed/improved, or at least build more meter.

  • Mika: V-skill improved**

No one uses it. It’s basically a taunt – a real taunt, as in, it doesn’t give you any benefit, it’s just there to annoy your opponent. They need to improve the speed, the lasting potential of it, and the ability to not throw the mic first or something.

- Alex: V-skill improved

I think it’s an okay V-skill, but I think it should either:

  1. Hard-hit should NOT be used, if you would have gotten a counter-hit anyway. (The combo damage dude!)

  2. Allow for multiple shoulder twirls to increase the number of hard-hits you can get. Each hit you take reduces this by 1.

  3. Just a slightly increased speed, while also making it cancelable, so you could use it at the end of a series or something. Shrugs

  • Cammy: V-skill changed**

Let’s take your special move and make it a V-skill – NOOOOOO, FUCK YOU! Literally no one else got one THIS bland. At the least they were a different move. This shit is just sad. Make it a special again and give her a new one.

  • Cammy: V-trigger moves changed to have their own input**

I personally hate that you can’t use your normal moves will in V-trigger. There are times where you could potentially get a kill if you weren’t in V-trigger, but you can’t while in it. It’s very annoying. Ryu has this “always” use thing to, but his fireballs are also just… kind of objectively better. Cammy’s moves are sometimes not.

  • Rashid: Increased versatility**

I really think he should be able to utilize his wind abilities more. I like the mechanic behind them, and it just feels a shame he can only really use them during V-trigger or by canceling into his V-skills. He should have a tornado that lingers longer or twirls back around or something. Or maybe have a special move that gives you the wind-blown property for a few seconds. Something.

Throw Stuff:

A lot of things in here, and while I don’t think I would want all of these things at once, I put them all in there as multiple solutions to the same problem. Throw teching is really easy, and throws are also the only real way to open someone up in this game. The shimmy is good, and has been good for years and years, but it shouldn’t be your only option in cracking open that egg.

I may add more stuff here later.

By the time Ibuki hits, throws definitely won’t be the only way to open someone up in this game.

I think the game is pretty good so far. I like games that don’t have a bunch of mechanics. I think that should be reserved for anime games. SF should be about buttons, pressing those buttons at each other and a few core mechanics. Once you start adding a bunch of stuff it gets into VS/anime game territory. The game is already getting new characters regularly for the next potential 6 years so that should be plenty variety.

Only thing I really want is faster walk speeds for those with slower walk speeds, bit harder to tech throws and improve hit boxes/change frame data so it’s easier to whiff punish attacks. Other than that the game works for me. That’s as far as the gameplay is concerned.

The feature/quality of life stuff I’ve made threads for before and will make another one to post on Capcom Unity going into Evo.

Too bad that most of the buttons suck with heir deceptive animation vs actual hitbox.

Thats already been an issue in previous SF games and people generally just try to understand the numbers of them and place them where they would be. Its not like they matched in 4 either and Alpha was also notorious for strange boxes.

The hurt boxes at least seem more uniform so there’s less character specific whiffing stuff during combos and neutral. Of course im not opposed to making the boxes more visually accurate, but if its like SFIV people are gonna adapt regardless

While is true that strange boxes happen on every game, they happen to be the norm on SFV more than i would like. It is obvious that they simply didn’t want to give normals that had great range to the cast in order to avoid anything like 3s, imo this steams from the fact that they decided to reuse the dumbtastic priority mechanic.

I’m interested on the “New Mechanic that uses 1 V-gauge”. Explain yourself better, please.

[*] I want a second V-reversal (ppp or kkk) and CA for every character that are functionally different enough to justify their existence in their arsenal. I also want them to be available all the time (none of that ‘selectable super’ nonsense).

[*] Remove input delay.

[*] Some of Ryu’s normals have a unique blocked animation (like when he punches and it’s blocked, it’s a different animation from when it hits). I believe the intention was for all characters to have this second set of animations but they abandoned it for one reason or another. It would be nice if they finish this for all the characters. It’s extra work for something purely aesthetic but it’s worth it. SF5 is just too damn gorgeous. Complete the painting, Capcom!

[*] Speaking of animations, more stage interactions and unique character intros would be nice.

I won’t make proper or specific balance suggestions (hurt/hitbox fixes included) for the characters just yet. Will wait it till the end of the season for that. But I will say:

1- I want the game to be or feel just a little faster. By either increasing walk speeds, dashes, higher damage, something.

2- I want strong characters to remain relatively unchanged (no nerfs generally speaking), and I want the bottom half or third of the cast to be buffed or rather *refined *up to their level.

Input delay. After I found out about this it became apparent why I kept missing my AA’s when I can reliably land them in like…every other game…

Yeah man, haha… I thought my age had finally caught up to me. But then I swapped to KI when that came out on PC and magically my AA is on point again.

My -i know- pretty stupid wishlist

Alt V-Skill
Alt CA

[list][] The final HK of MP>HP>HK look like SF3’s joudan kick instead regular stHK, and hit crouch opponents too
] holding his V-skill after a successful parry make him do his USF4 Omega big punch, kinda like Bison’s V-skill work.
Powerful but work only on pretty unsafe attacks, against quick recovery stuff will get blocked or punished
[list][] Get back Atomic Suplex (as hcb+K), Running Bear Grab motion get changed to hcf+K
]3 normal throws (back-neutral-forward), with the new one being Gouken’s vertical launch from SF4 (actually was already a Gief throw back to MvC).
Maybe as options Launch>AirSPD or Launch>VTrigger>AirSPD
[list][] Alt V-Skill being Psycho Crusher, hold it for distance… like no charge short, 0.5sec charge medium, 1sec max distance/power
] A new bare-hands target combo that left him in claw stance
[list][] A new claw target combo that left him in bare-hands stance
] No particular gameplay change i wish personally, but just for visual consistence i will like they add a graphic effect (like energy spirals on her legs) that show she’s in V-Trigger. She’s the only char with a power up trigger that does’nt have a visible effect

Also fix that fucking survival shit for colors.
-make it 10-20-30 rounds instead 10-30-50
-fixed end round boost instead random

Secondary V-trigger and v-skill options would be neat, I’d want that change over anything else they could think up.

Aesthetically I’d like general model touch-ups and a new HUD/game UI.

Keyboard rebinding
Keyboard UI
Direct Input Support
Non-xbox specific button prompts
Region filter
fixed netcode rollback system

Reduce input delay from 8f to 6f, would make a remarkable difference.

PC version

I have to hold down the start button to get to the training mode menu. That’s dumb. It makes sense in VS mode, not training mode.

To reset back to neutral in training mode, the game tells me to press down the right analog stick, but since i’m playing on a joystick I don’t have that option. That’s dumb. It should be the Back button by default, but failing that I should be able to set the shortcuts instead of having them locked in.

Combined, these make the Trials more irritating than they have to be.

Still not super clear why the training mode state can’t be saved so you zip right back to it after an online match, instead of having to wait at the VS screen again.

I actually really, really like your ideas for Ryu, Gief, and Vega. My requests would include exactly those of yours that I mentioned, plus a new CA for every character. In addition,

[] Give him his feint fireball from the alpha games back. Bait those low-profile slides and Moonsaults/Rankyakus! Obviously should have significantly less recovery than his actual fireball. Command could be qcb + p.
] Fix the ridiculous hitbox/nonexistent hurtbox on s.lp and respectively.
[*] 3rd CA - Shin Shoryuken: Should do more damage than his first 2 CAs & have a fantastic anti air hitbox (not Rashid’s CA-tier but a much better one than Shinku/Denjin Hadoken) Command could be QCBx2 + p.

[]People don’t like anti air lights? Alrightey then! Take away’s anti air properties and give it some new purpose.
] In compensation, give me back, and make it, like in the very early trailers, knock opponents high enough to jump afterwards and proceed with an air combo. It doesn’t need to launch standing opponents like in the 1st trailer; V-Skill’s got that covered. Just make it launch airborne opponents higher. The 10-frame startup and 3 frame duration should balance out the damage she gets off of this. Ibuki gets about as much off her
[*] 2nd CA - Shichisei Senkukyaku. This move originating from the first MvC.
Would work to end her air combos with a ton of damage.

[]Make s.HK +2 instead of +1. Why tf is this not already the case?
]Make Sotoja knock down on hit throughout the entirety of its range. It doesn’t at the very max range, and it’s gotten me killed way too many times.
[]Make it so the second hit of his sweep always connects after the first one. Sometimes it whiffs and that gets me killed a lot, too.
]Overall increased damage output on normals. Poison isn’t strong enough to justify his low damage. Alternatively, make poison stronger.
[*]Make V-Trigger poison stack with poison inflicted from his special moves/V-Skill.

[] Improved hitbox on would be nice.
] Overall higher damage on normals
[*] Increased block stun on ex whirlwind shot so the opponent can’t jab him out of his ex whirlwind xx V-Skill shenanigans.

Make Balrog and Birdie white, its the only thing anyone really wants.

Fix input delay

Fix the PC version’s online

Add a new UI and HUD

Add more stage transitions


Lower the input lag to 5f

Add more stage transitions

More options for the PC version to adjust settings

Option to change between Stage and Character themes



Airthrow added. Cammy grabs the opponent and throws him casualy back to the ground

f+hk works now like FANG’s Normals. This makes it possible to get Counterhit Combos if you hit with the first hit. Like J.Wong I’m very pi**ed this wasn’t the case from the very beginning.

Added a visual effect for her V-Trigger. Something like little psycho flames or KI coming out of her legs or small lightnings on them.

Hitbox now matches the animation of can make the kick shorter, I hate it that I have to aim with her ankle and not her foot.

A second CC would be nice


Damage slightly increased


Reduce the amount of white life gained,while using V-Skill

Make it possible to use Lariat as reliable Comboender or give him back the EX SPD combo.


Different animation hit and hurtbox for Is no longer a anti-air

st.lp hitbox slightly moved downward,to make it a less reliable anti-air


same change as for Chun’s st.lp


same change as for Chun’s st.lp

same change as for Chun’s st.lp

L dp+k now goes straight up and is faster,but has longer recovery,hitbox increased(I hope that is his command airgrab)


cr.hp has faster startup,is no longer a CC. To help her AA game

Just some ideas I was playing around with

…lol, please stop asking for AA nerfs.