Street Fighter V Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

I pre purchased SFV and got three beta gifts to give away. Seeing as the Beta is happening soon: 30th - 31st I thought I’d do a kindness.

So, if you post your steam name I’ll happily send a key to whoever. First come first served though and for the sake of fairness, one per person.

Had a message asking for one, will give it to that person.

Just a small note on that topic: if you’re not comfy with your steam name on the forum, if you message me I’ll be happy to do it.

I’ll also update this thread until they’re gone.

2 left.

Just got two messages in pretty quick succession.

All steam keys gone!


i love you

Well that was uncalled for.

Ah well, not sure why you’d say fuck you then edit it to ‘I love you’. Tad odd, mate.

Anywhoo, as I said, all gone so thread can be closed.

That was pretty decent of you. Wish somebody would do this on the PS4.