Street Fighter@UFO / Austin, TX / Nov. 1st

Come make history with us at Arcade UFO’s very first tournament.

Date: November 1st, 2008

Arcade UFO
3101 Speedway
Austin, TX 78701

PRINT OUT the above map and directions! Otherwise, you WILL get lost and miss the sign-up deadline if this is your first time to visit.

Games + Schedule:
Sign-up deadline will be 15 minutes before the beginning of each game.
1:00PM: Sign-ups begin for all three games
2:00PM: Super Street Fighter II Turbo (2v2)
3:00PM: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (1v1)
6:00PM: Street Fighter IV (1v1)

Format: 3rd Strike and SF4 will be 2 out of 3 matches, double elimination. Rounds will be set to 2/3.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo will be Waseda Style, meaning both players will fight each other only once. A 2-0 victory will mean the team wins the match. A 1-1 performance will be settled by the two team winners facing off. Rounds will be set to 2/3. Format will be double elimination.

Hardware: All games will run on Japanese head-to-head style arcade cabinets. Joysticks will be Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y, buttons will be Sanwa OSBF-30. All equipment will be in 100% working order and tested before the tournament begins. Since this is an actual arcade, and space will be extremely limited, there will be no side tournaments and no consoles or TVs may be brought to the venue, period. There will be no negotiating here, so leave it all at home! Thank you for understanding!

$2 flat venue fee, $10 per game (ST is $5 per player or $10 per team)
Games will be on free play during tournament play.

Prizes: 70/20/10 of combined entry, not including venue fee

Special Street Fighter 4 Prizes: First place will receive a brand new SF4 MASTER GUIDE as well as one extremely rare SF4 PROMO POSTER only included with the arcade version of the game!

sweet nectar! i’m gonna make plans to come up for this one!

Awesome! :rock:

Sounds like fun, may have to try and get some peeps to come up there. For ST teams can you have the same character or must have different ones?

I almost want to travel to Texas for this. ALMOST!

Imma be there fo sho :rock:

Best Rufus in the world will be theres.

ima see w’sup


someone team with me in ST.

Ohhh shit ST! I didn’t know UFO had ST.

I’m in.


ok i will come but only if i win because i dont got any money

I’ll be in Lubbock for the TT vs UT game. :bluu:

Ill definitely be going…AKA:bumpity!!!

Can someone ask Ryan to please include CvS2 aka Street Fighter Basketball in the tournies so that Buktooth trash will come also.


count me in

can we get a special justin vs hsien event??

sf4, 3s… and TETRIS GRAND MASTER??? for $50? $500? $5000???


taiwan vs china gogogo

I got $100 on the master.

if the master doesn’t bitch out

yes please. =)