Street Fighter Tribute Contest by Udon

I’ve seen some amazing work from you guys and wanted to make sure you have all read about this:

The contest is part of Capcom’s Street Fighter 20th anniversary celebration at this year’s San Diego Comicon.

Udon is looking for SF related fan art of all types for this contest. Winners will have their art included in Udon’s upcoming Street Fighter Tribute Art book and get a free copy of the book.

Insert SFA3 round begin quotes

The page is down but this sounds interesting…

I added a link to their blog, seems deviantArt is having some problems.

That’s awesome.

yeah. this is gonna be crazy.

On it.

I’m down, now to find some pavement :slight_smile:

Thank u!!!

I am on it and anyone entering good luck u guys :3

Ha ha you know someone’s going to submit some kind of SNK vs Capcom or Marvel vs Capcom work in there.


i wonder if ingrid counts :wonder: ??

oh shit! congrats man.

damn!! congrats Woof!!

You go Woof!!!

u betta do it! I hope this is the start of something great to come

Wow Woof. Good stuff!

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :slight_smile:

I’m entering too. Congrats woof!

I;m so entering this shit…

Btw, for anyone interested in recent drawings…here ya go

Yeah, Me too… Maybe…

Cool. I’ll probably enter.

I’m finished with my entry, but like Udon advised, I’m gonna keep it under wraps until I’m ruled out or until the book comes out.

I finished one already
Im so scared it won’t make the book :X
my art skills are still amatuer

But it’s worth a try