Street fighter: trials and tribulations of street fighting

“i am so sore from training” said ken to ryu

“ouch i hurt too!!!” said ryu

“I am also sore” said oro but he wasnt trainin he is just sore because he is an old man

ryu and ken and oro go to the supermarket. ryu is wearing a gi and ken is wearing a suit (becuase he is rich) and oro is wearing rags because he is homeless. oro has 1 arm behind his back as they awalk to store.

“WELL WELL WELL” said Birdie as they walk into the store. buirdie was wearing a wallgreens uniform because thats where he worked. “If it isnt the legendary street fighters”

“woah birdie you work at wallgreens WTF nigga” said ORo. “I used to work here too but i because a martial artist instead”

“Well i was a martial artist said birdie but then i got bored and i wasnt making any money and i cant afford a new chain to beat ppl with, so i am working at wallgreens plus i get free arizona tea and i REALLY REALLY like it, it tastes so good!”

“oh ya what can i help u guys with” said birdie, gesturing to the store.

The three street warriors all looked at eachother and said in unisone “We are in so much pain! our backs hurt from training and oros back hurts from being old!”

all of the warriors let out a colective sigh and grasped their backs as if they were in pain (they were in pain). ryu and ken had been training for 30 hours in the last 2 days but they were not as young as they used to be in the past. oro had not been training because he is a powerful warrior already and does not need to train ever but he is old and homeless, and he does not have a bed to sleep on and that gives him back problems.

“well you have come to the right place” birdie said letting out a massive grin from his face; “Yes this is Wallgreens you can get medicine. you all need advil so your back can not hurt anymore. i will show you to the advil” he showed them to the advil in the back ofthe store and they picked up some advil and they took it too the counter.

“here is 10 dollars for the advil its the exact cost so i dont need any change.” and then they left but birdie noticed that oro still have his hand behind his back.

“yo what are u stealin” said birdie to Oro as he acosted him outside of the store. “and how did you get out from the metal detector”

“yo nigga i didnt steal shit” said oro

and then all of them ran away laughing because they knew oro didnt steal anything. birdie stomped his foot on the ground and yelled to the heavans “DAMN YOU ORO!!! do not steal from MY STORE anyMORE!”

“That was a HOOT!” said ryu to ken with a massive grin.

“Ryu I have a feeling that this isnt the end… birdie sounded pretty mad at us! especialy oro.” said ken.

“that birdie has seen the last of his days as a fighter there is no need to worry about retaliation, i did not even do anything!” said oro.

but unbenownast to the fighters, birdie got out his cell phone and made a call to an old friend… “Yes… General… im ready for my tratment again…, i have the spirit of fighting in my. i have a reason to fight again”



“woah birdie you work at wallgreens WTF nigga” said ORo. “I used to work here too but i because a martial artist instead”

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