Street Fighter Joe Mad?

How come there isn’t any Joe Madureira artwork in the first issue in the trade-paper-back edition?

And the cover that he did for issue #1, its not in the back gallery of covers.

Wondery why…

any help would be appreciated! :smiley:

Actually I was just looking through the TPB & noticed that it is only the Udon artist covers that are in there, I didn’t see any guest artists now I think about it…

In other words Alvin Lee, Arnold Tsang & Jo Chen, the only exception was Shinkiro’s cover :S

Thanks Nort!

So in this case, there would be no “back up” stories like Joe Mad’s Ryu vs Sagat in the TPB?

I’m just guessing here, but doesn’t every issue have a little back-up story? And ALL of them were taken out of the TPB edition right?

NP though I fear getting mistaken for an Udon guy lol.
I was just making a statement not exactly answering, well why anyway. But nah no back-ups were in it & the only issues that have had no back-ups are #0 & #6.

So what yer saying is that the INDIVIDUAL ISSUES, from #1 thru #5 ALL had back-up stories. They were the only ones to have the back-up stories?

But they were NOT included in the trade-paper-back

Am I right? Thanks!

You got it except for one thing, #7 also has a back-up story but #7 is part of the 2nd arc & is new so it wasn’t in the volume 1 TPB compilation (Which was the 1st arc, #0-6), assuming they do it it’ll be in volume 2

The trade collects the first story arc issues #1-#6 without back-ups. That’s all i know as for the covers i cant really say as ive not looked at a trade but what i will say is were selling soooo many copies of the trade compared to the actual issues so it must be doing a good job especially for the low low price.

cool. I JUST recieved my copy from the mail, like 10 minutes ago.

the TPB also has ish #0 :wink:

I guess I will have to hunt down those backup stories later on! Take my time!

Thanks for all the help, especially on my first thread here. Great community. Go Udon!

If you do decide to track down back issues for the back-up stories then as always your best bet is eBay. My variant collection wouldn’t be what it is now without it:D

the first TPB only collects the main story of #1-6, plus the main story in issue 0.

The back up stories from the guests are not included for a few reasons, but more mainly to preserve the value of the original issues.