Street Fighter to Mortal Kombat

Hello. I’m back, and once again, I’m confused. Just when I had usf4 figured out, out comes mkx and naturally I picked it up and it’s pretty great. Though lately I’m realizing I suck, and I don’t understand why. Street Fighter mechanics have left me completely confused with mkx in general. At the moment I main Kung Jin. Really I’m not bad with him, but I use ex too much. Always use it to get out of pressure and it’s a free 31% combo that way. But I know I use it too much and my fundamentals for mkx are trash.

The part that I don’t get at all is the pressure game once you get a knockdown. If I get the knockdown, I find that usually if I try to walk up and perform some kind of combo, like a good low-mid-high combo that could lead into more damage, I just get hit from like a d2. If I get knocked down, when someone tries the same stunt on me, I try to hit them on wakeup and I get hit and they get damage. I’m on a one way street and idk what to do on wakeup, and when I have a knockdown. I’ve been straying from Kung Jin trying to learn Scorpion [Ninjutsu], because he seems like a better character to learn the fundamentals of the game on.

Anyone have any advice for me? Or some kind of explanation as to why I suck lol? Especially if you play both sf and mk.

Dunno why you blog here, but try the newbie dojo or the mortal kombat subforum.

Oh I couldn’t find the mk sub. Could someone move this?


Better off going to the dedicated forums. The MKX stuff on here is scattered and not terribly easy to find.