Street fighter themed sketch stuff digital/pencil

Hello everyone. Ive been following SRK for some time and since I am pretty scrubbish at fighting games (tho i like them) I decided to contribute to this section. Generally video games give me inspiration to draw and lately that game has been street fighter. Also I have recently started practicing digital painting so I am doing this also for that purpose. criticism, tips etc. are welcome.

Frist here is my first serious attempt with PS. It is stick art for my datel. Dan is imitating akumas raging demon pose

finished stick

next one is speed painting of ryu

here are also two takes from my sketch book. Concerning the latter I decided to do a face study and figured that I might as well use street fighter players as reference so that it makes sence posting the picture here :stuck_out_tongue:
sketchbook page 1
sketchbook page 2

good job on both works.