'Street Fighter: The Complete History' book!

“Street Fighter took the video gaming world by storm in the mid-1980s; more than 127 million copies and hundreds of imitators later, the series continues to be one of the most beloved and successful video game franchises of all time. In this official history, legendary game developer Capcom opens its vault to tell the complete story of Street Fighter. Original text and interviews with the developers and animators present the franchise s impact on gaming culture, while more than 200 pieces of artwork reveal the care that went into designing the button-mashing classic. Featuring a slick flexi cover, this collection will be indispensable to the millions of ardent fans worldwide.”

Due out March 31st 2010: http://www.amazon.com/Street-Fighter-Complete-Chris-Carle/dp/0811865002/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1262127367&sr=8-1

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Funny, I thought it was in the beginning of the 90’s? :confused:

Yeah, I know about SF 1, but the thing was…nobody cared about SF 1. :wonder:

street fighter 2 (1989)

Where do you get that from? I have '87 for SF 1 and everything else shows March '91 for World Warrior

sf : 1987
sf2ww : 1991
sf2ce : March, 1992 (Japanese-Feb)
sf2t : Nov, 1992
ssf2 : 1994

As far as I know, nobody in Japan cared about SF1, but it was its popularity in the US which prompted Capcom to release a sequel.

Man, I already have that anniversary book, dunno if I’ll get this as well. Sounds like it’s gonna be kinda similar…

Thanks. Gonna pick this up.

Looks interesting. May have to buy a copy.

The main thing I hope for out of this book is more concrete information than the cutesy reminiscences that usually make up most retrospectives by Japanese fighting game developers. I wanna hear some real dirt on how the developers reacted to things like crossups and 2-in-1s that have become institutions, what kind of technical philosophies went into designing certain character moves and playstyles (not just what they look like, but how they were intended to gain ground against specific characters, especially moves that ended up sucking…what was their intended purpose?), biggest regrets about character/game balance, that kind of shit. Less BS about who lost the most sleep or who had a baby on the way that the Japanese love to gush about in these kinds of pieces.

um what? No. Street fighter 2 came out in 1991.

um what? No. Street fighter 2 came out in 1991.