Street Fighter Psychology: Rubbing Scrub Skulls into the Ground

Recently I stopped being so conservative with my game plans. Its not about fun, or winning.
Its winning by force of will.
If I feel like throwing you twenty times till victory, I will. If I feel like jabbing you to death, I will.
No matter what you do, I will employ whatever strategy, and im gonna win.

Its being the overdog. The dominator. The animal. The machine. The killer. The rapist.
The turtle with a mean uppercut, and slick punishments on the impatient and overcondfident.

Ever feel like you were the better player?

I rarely did, I would give my opponents credit, and fear their attacks.
People could land one super off a clean c.fwd and nearly guarantee me a loss.

I dont think like that anymore.
I think I can land one clean super and nearly guarantee you a loss.
And im gonna prove I can before you can, then prove that you cant.

Getting hit, means I only gotta work harder, gotta get 2 combos to make up for the one.

A quarter means 8 games.
And I will be pissed off at the end of 8 cause it should have been 20.

Im motherfucking invinceable, and im not talkin about roll cancel, (I play K-groove) just gotta play the part.

Just to think like this you gotta be good.
Cant just be confident cause your pre-school teacher gave you a gold star.
Especially if you feel like a dominator and receive a severe beating.
If your performance doesnt match your mentality, youre nothin more then an overconfident scrub.
And your ego will just get in the way of improving your game.
If you think youre the best, you have to prove youre the best, cause those are the prerequisets.

Otherwise I could think a supermodel onto my penis, instead of attempting to bludgeon and rape them in poorly lit stalls.

One mans loss is another mans fourtune.
And Im dancin on top of your graves.

(It only costs 25 cents a song.)


I’ll still beat you. And teehee after I’m done.

I only loose to black people, japanese people, and other Phils.

Philip is my middle name, bitch.

Congrats scrotum weasel.
Chitter at someone who cares.

…is it actaully your middle name?

There’s something to that, however…about the force of wills, etc. I think people have a bad habit of thinking about the characters and the matchup, and not the players. You can watch good players jump at shotos all day (even on working sticks), because they can read the situation; they know when someone is too rattled or distracted to DP, they know when walkup->throw is better than walkup->DP or super, etc.

Whoah, there’s no need for such a low self-esteem there. You should try being more confident in yourself.

But I like being perky.

i.e. Hold Dat, Phil McFly, Phillip Kao, etc.

Yeah, that’s my middle name.

Chitter? Man, that’s pretty dumb right there.

I might be able to take ya. I have a bunch of friends who try to do that kind of crap. I’m used to it. Plus, you’re extremely cocky. That’s usually a major weakness. Being humble is good.

Is this like a song you’re working on or something?

If you don’t come in with the “I’m gonna do whatever it takes to win” feeling, you have lost before you have started.

Welcome to what everyone else has already known bud.

To get in that feeling quick, just think “FEAR ME MWHA HA HA HA HA” in your head as the match starts…

I dunno. works for me.

It’s easy to win. It’s easy to get to the top. Problem is, it’s lonely at the top. And once you make it to the top, can you stay there? Do you think you could handle hundreds of hungry players all gunning for you? Could you honestly face the kind of pressure that top contenders have to deal with day in and day out?

Something to think about.

The game flow is in your favour when you’re taking initiative. If you’re worried about what the other person is going to do, and how you’re going to deal with that, you’re playing to his game. Who cares if you’re the best of the absolute best? All that matters is the match you’re currently playing. As long as you think you’re better than your current opponent, you’re free to take initiative, scare them, and take control of the game.

Speaking of stuff like this, I probably need to stop playing to humiliate people with unnecessary red parries, overly flashy combos & other stuff.

It really hurts to type this because I just punched the hell out of the wall in the mens room of my college after a massive losing streak.

A question specifically posed to the players out there reknowned for winning.

Is it worth sacrificing friendships?

And that sounds really fucking retarded when I say it out loud, but I mean it. If you’re playing with a group of people, and you know that most of them will never get serious about things and/or play with their heart in it, and they keep doing the same scrubby bullshit again, and again, and again, to the point where you begin losing to it and losing your cool about it, is it even worth it? Should you even keep associating with these people for fear they’ll bring you down in terms of skill level? I mean, I suppose if I were better, and I could be…I’m not the best anymore, it seems…but I guess it’s partially because the company I keep is causing me to begin to question myself. I mean, this group, some of them depriciate their own skill, talk about how they’re not good…maybe I should find people who are more serious, but it seems that, after putting my own tourney together and having it shit upon by serious players ( B’more Chun to be exact… ) because it was hastily thrown together and because we were first timers it seems that a lot of the pros are assholes…maybe it helps though, to be an asshole, maybe that way the company I keep would shape themselves up to be the team I always thought they had the potential to be…

I’m ranting.

But to get back on the topic, in terms of fighting game psychology ( and I’m not sure if this belongs in Domination 101 or not ), is it better to have an isolationist mindstate about this sort of thing or do I stand a chance of alienating everyone around me for the price of being better? Discuss please.

Get a life.

It just sounds so retarded from somebody posting on a video gaming forum…

So… you are trying to be a pro or something? If not, what is your point? You are the only one thinking like that.