Street fighter players from ecuador!

Any Super Street Fighter 4 player from ecuador!? I want to organize a tournament, but there seems to be no one that plays the game over here!

Living in Ecuador or from Ecuador. I was born in Guayaquil and have been living in the US for 14 years. Currently in California

PSN ID: colz10

Main: Hakan, learning Juri. could use all the practice i can get

i like long walks on the beach and someone thats a good listener


Awesome dude!! What is your PSN ID? Mine is jcgonzmo

People that are from Ecuador! … It would be awesome to identify players who live in Ecuador though!! I live in Guayaquil!

mi PSN es colz10.
JA, que marica ese Jaiyiorck

im from GYE Ill play you…

ive already added you on psn , my id is PAOLOMIRAGLIA