Street Fighter Paintings:)

Some StreetFighter Paintings:) Enjoy:)

Sinister Smile:)

This one includes partial nudity, so I censored it.

Oldie but Goodie:)

Heart of Battle!

I really like the one where he’s holding the wine, pretty neat :tup:

great stuff as always. I’ve seen some of it before (love the mirror pic).
minor crit on the 1st pic: His torso is too long, I think. His elbow should be about the same level as his bellybutton.
and is he naked? o_0

So epic

To add to what rook put. I think it’s his pecs. They’re a little too low. It’s a common problem that I have with my own but the line of the base of his pecs should be just where the deltoid muscles in his arms end.

Thanks a lot guys for the nice comments and feedback. I did realize Vega’s torso was a little long but that’s how my client wanted it. Anyways, seeing as most here see the disproportion, I will correct the painting soon and will show the new version.

Okay guys, fixed:)

I ADORE these :smiley: <3 very lovely! Oils?

I was trying to find this thread last month, damn good stuff man…I like all of them!

This thread is made of so much win. :tup:

Thanks! They were actually made with Painter software. I come from a traditional background so switching to digital was not so bad cause of Painter,

Glad you liked them. I am planning on making a new personal painting soon. Maybe some SxT art!

You talking to me? Lol, thanks dude,

That first one is PERFECT. So amazing!