Street Fighter Nuby Pads for the Xbox

I must say… I’m disappointed with the Street Fighter Anniversary pads for the Xbox. The directional pad sucks big time, in comparison with the PS2 versions or a Saturn pad. Is there any way I can crack that controller open and tweak it to where the directional pad may be more responsive? Has anyone done so? It’s such a shame, because the pads look so great… I’d love to be able to actually use them. Thanks in advance… :pleased: Ya have to mod it

Thanks for replying, but I wasn’t referring to the arcade stick made by Nuby. I was referring to this type of pad, which is made by Nuby…

They are known for the lousy response with the directional pad. :sad: It really sucks, because I took for granted they would respond like their PS2 counterparts. Unfortuanetly, pulling off dragon punches and fireballs are a nightmare with the Xbox versions.

I was hoping someone could help me mod it to where the response is good, like the PS2 versions. :xeye: Man, I hope this can be done. :xeye: If someone could reply, or PM me with instructions, I would be most appreciative!!! Thanks… :pleased:

You know when you said “good, like the PS2 versions” my PS2 version stopped working shortly after. I’m serious, it just stoppped working. :confused: For some reason I think it’s extremly funny.

It may just be a bad pad. Maybe return it for another and see if it works better. I’d try that first. Or get the PS2 one and an adapter?

Well, it seems I’m not the only one with this issue. I’ve been to several other forums, and it looks like it is a problem with the pad. Here is an article that is EXTREMELY accurate…

I own all 3 Xbox versions, and the directional pad is the same on all of them. :sad: I have the PS2 versions, plus the Game Elements and DreamBox adapters. However, the games I want to play with those controllers will not function with the PS2 pads and adapters (SFAC and CFE). I have yet to find an adapter that will work with these digital only pads. If anyone knows of an adapter that does, please let me know!! Or, if anyone can give me some insite as how to tweek my Xbox versions so they may work better, that would be much help also. Remember, the only downside to the Xbox pads, is the directional pad. The buttons are just fine. Thanks so much. :pleased:

I have had great success with the MagicBox adapter.

Have you tried using the MagicBox adapter with the Nuby SFAE PS2 pads, while playing SFAC for Xbox? That’s the main question… I know SFAC for Xbox has some really bad lag issues related to those pads connected to converters… Thanks…

not on that specific pad. just on many pads with good results. hopefully someone on the forum has though and can let you know for sure:)

Thanks so much for your help. Hopefully, I will hear from someone soon. :pleased:

why not just order this one?

its the remake of the saturn pad, which was one of the best pads for fighting games that i can think of, i am going to oder one soon witht he magicbox adapter :tup:

I know… that’s the pad I need to get… I was just hoping someone could assist me in modding the SFAE Xbox pads, so the directional pad would work better. I’d like to be able to use those, since I already own all 3.