Street Fighter: MS-PAINT

I’ve been bored at work and have done some MS-Paints of Street Fighter Chracters. Any thoughts/critisisms/recommendations?

The blanka and claw are really amazing.

screw u…u scanned these!

ha great work man

I really should ask what materials you had used for these. looks like you penned the outlines, and filled the rest digitally. I could be wrong though. maintly because all those extra details(lines) make up too much information. not anything that any comp can handle, but wow…thats ALOT of information.

honestly… the farther i went down, the more awesomer everything got ^^ really interesting. everything looks kinda like a digitized version of pointilism. diggin the perspective on balrog/bison/boxer and gief… what can i say? he looks batshit crazy. if he didn’t look like he was about to snap your neck with his muscles, he wouldn’t be gief.

Well basically it is done 100% with MS-Paint and a laser mouse. (Because those are my only available options at work haha). I draw a basic thick outline and then whittle the lines down so that it looks more like a line/pen drawing. (with only black and white this is pretty quick as your left and right buttons are your two MS-Paint colors).

Then once it looks like a DECENT pen drawing I shade it using the spray tool. It works a lot better than you would think. Again I alternate using the left and right buttons to darken/lighten areas. Then I usually go over the whole thing again with the tinniest size of paintbrush available for the final details.

On average each pic takes about 2 hours. Ironically I’m starting to like my MS-Paint/Mouse work better than my Photoshop/Tablet work at home. haha.

Thanks for the feedback btw!

you got a tablet? oh man, ive meaning to get one of those. tell me real quick, what size do you have? which size works best for you? i dont anything too small for me or too big. I dont want to buy a tablet than having to go and exchange it if its the wrong size.
imo, anything that might work for you might work for me as well, since you like pen your work like I do.

Cool! Really captured the essence of the chars!

I was gonna tell you to get a job but…

btw, the dhalsim one is my fav :smiley:

Really cool stuff, props =]

I really have no idea how you ppl manage to knock out these things in MS Paint. Mad props :slight_smile:

Beyond that, I think the arms on Zangief and Balrog (boxer) can be thicker. The perspective of Vega’s arm looks a bit stretched too.

nice stuff.

Amazing, the use of spraypaint is pretty unique. makes me want to try the tool with more seriousness.

U are gifted!!!:pray:

That is raw talent no doubt