Street Fighter MS PAINT Thread!

Hey guys! This is the thread to post any crappy satirical MS paint drawings you have that are street fighter related!

If could be something simple Like your favorite character’s Mugshot

Or your hatred for some of the characters

You could also make something just darn funny to give us all a laugh!

Or you could try your luck at making a masterpiece in MS paint, (Maybe of a cute GIRL!)

SO HAVE A BLAST! You don’t need talent, just an idea (SF related), and MS paint.




When I’m playing Vega, I just imagine this as Blanka, and then suddenly, I’m not so afraid of him

Dang I cant resist…:rock:

Go look up “Mona Lisa MS Paint” on the youtubes. This=Freakin’ amazing!

Or click this link:[media=youtube]uk2sPl_Z7ZU"[/media]:bgrin:

This just in: Fei long approves!

I’d like to post something, but I can’t stand drawing with the touchpad. So how do I add a new mouse onto my Laptop? I go into mouse settings but there’s no ADD MOUSE button anywhere.

I hope this hurts people’s eyes.

:rofl: @ the OP’s art. That Cammy pose and Ken shoryuken image are damn hilarious.

That Gief by Sasmasta looked pretty weird, but cool as well.

My bike money brings all the girls to the yard
And they’re like "It’s better than yours"
DAMN RIGHT it’s better than yours

Got a USB port free and usb mouse? That works auto for me. no setup.

On the subject… I have 2

If you saw the most recent southpark…

Original joke is:
do you like fishsticks
do you like to put them in your mouth
Well what are, you a gay fish?

-When you say it out loud, it sounds like fish dicks… get it?

Honestly Its a dumb joke, but When southpark carries on about it for an entire episode, it has such a potential to be butchered on purpose… this can make the joke funnier.

:rofl: Keep it up, Phinny. These are pretty funny!

I hate to be the only one doing this <_<
We need more people involved!

Sound the horn!

More Ken Fighter 4 shit. Drew this with my drawing pad, still sucks. XD

You did that with a tablet? Lol I’d hate to be a teacher grading your homework.
Pic related, I like how you drew his arm burned. We need all the help we can get to stop this menace.

I think Zenken6 meant he did it with the touchpad on his laptop.

Cuz if that’s using a tablet, then I agree with the teacher comment. LoL.