Street fighter love affairs

which of your fav street fighter characters would you like to see hook up? i’d like to see chun li and e honda.

Nobody, that just makes it cheesy.

Ryu and Chun-Li but since there’s no way that will ever happen in the comic or the games, I’ll settle for Eagle and Zangief!:lol:

Birdie and Zangief should be great.


how so? its about time these characters started having love lives. it seems ken and possibly juli are the only ones.

Yeah I concur.

Here are the only love relationships I want to see in this book:

Ken + Eliza (= Mel)
Guile + Julia = Amy/Chris
Dhalsim + Sally = Datta

That’s it.

I’d say only those who actually are together in the real plot as stated above my post by BBCampbell

i’d like to see ryu and chun li,they seem to have this type of “warrior 4 life” attitude that would make them a great couple.


ryu and chunli
ryu and sakura:lol:
chunli and mai:p
eagle and zangeif
charlie and cammy
makoto and ibuki:eek:

I’m always for Ryu and Chun Li. Oh sure there are the “logical” arguments against such a pairing. Nothing in the games has ever indicated any relationship between them other than a platonic and respectful friendship. Chun-Li seems more the maternal type, while Ryu is the “lone” warrior, and concentrated solely on the fight. It would appear that they would go for different people as well. Chun Li and Charlie definitely could get something growing, since they’re both into justice (and if Charlie wasn’t dead and all) plus it seems all the more plausible for Sakura to turn her “otaku” interest in Ryu into something much deeper. But still, after all these years and arguments, Ryu and Chun-Li still feels very right for some reason. I guess it’s the fanboy in me talking, but I would love to have that relationship, imaginary or not, addressed in the comic.